Here u can just Join and put all the contests...more»
Here u can just Join and put all the contests that mcr will be in! and the members will vote!!! MCR ARE THE WINNERS!!
you have to swear to vote in EVERY contest before joining this group!!

Take a chance and don't whine about your decision

Okay, so it's been a while since I've been on buzznet and I miss a lot of people that I used to talk to on…
mcrqueen Jan 07, 2011

New Ning Group

It's really cool-free to join and you can create a profile, post songs, videos, the whole nine yards. Hope to see you there;
fritzk Jul 28, 2009
Gerard, Lindsey, Jill Tracy, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, David Jpic
Gerard Lindseypic
Gerard Lindseypic

Gerard & Lindsey

Thanks to betsey2201
ToastJunkie Feb 05, 2009
MCR Article Kerrangpic

MCR Article Kerrang

Click All Sizes Hopefully people will stop complaining now saying that they weren't gonna release a new album
ToastJunkie Dec 31, 2008
Gerard and Lindseypic

Gerard and Lindsey

Thanks Leniq :-*
ToastJunkie Dec 29, 2008
Lindsey, Gerard Fanspic

Lindsey, Gerard & Fans

Im not sure if this is real, but still a cute pic anyways :)
ToastJunkie Dec 20, 2008
Gerard And LynZpic

Gerard And LynZ

Credit: stevejenningsphoto on Flickr
Lindsey, Gerard Fanspic