Be a partner in MCRime! Are you sick of being...more»
Be a partner in MCRime! Are you sick of being called emo? Are you sick of being treated as a bad person because you are wearing a MCR t-shirt? Are you sick of the stares, the unkindness, that comes along with ignorance and fear of what people don't understand? Are you really just a good person who wants to have fun, help others and support our band? Then join MCRime! Its not a fansite, its a movement! If five men can change our lives... imagine what all of us can do.....lets band together and prove all the people out there that think we're a emo death cult wrong!! Lets make a difference!

If loving MCR is a crime, then I am proud to be a felon!

Vampires Will Never Hurt Youvid

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Credit goes to eyeballrecords on
davard Jul 20, 2010
All I want for Christmas is MCRvid

All I want for Christmas is MCR

Credit goes to xRainbowsmilex on youtube
davard May 04, 2010
MCR: In studio video!vid

MCR: In studio video!

posted by Ray on Jul 21, 2009 5:51pm Hey guys, here's our first attempt at some in studio video...This is me and G doing some…
jussijames Jul 21, 2009
Found this written on a table in hard materials.pic


Credit goes to falloutboyrule1 on youtube
davard Mar 17, 2009
Behind the scenes of desolation rowvid

My Chemical Romance Album Won't Be A 'Kitchen Sink' Affair

Feb 18 2009 7:57 AM EST 'I think it's going to get by on its musicianship and its own merits in the songs,' frontman Gerard Way…
jussijames Feb 18, 2009
My Chemical Romance - Desolation Rowvid

MCR desolation row press release

Warner Sunset / Reprise Records to Release 12” Picture Disc of My Chemical Romance’s Reinterpretation of “Desolation Row” for Watchmen on January 27, 2009 Posted…
jussijames Jan 13, 2009


BABY G due early next summer 2009!   My Chemical Romance singer to be a dad NEW YORK (AP) — My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way's newest creation…
jussijames Nov 24, 2008