Hi! my name is Eva im a Msi fan since...more»
Hi! my name is Eva im a Msi fan since Project Revolution started, i Think Lyn-z is one of the coolest female bass player i have ever seen,I like so much how she wear her clothes,the way she performance on stage,,etc.etc.for that i dedicated this group tol Lyn-z If you Love her welcome to the group and thnx for join if you hate her please turn Awaaay! right now!,

Lyn-z's Biography
Lindsey Ann Ballato, better known as Lyn-Z, was born on May 22nd, 1979 in Connecticut. She moved to New York to study art. She studied for two years at Pratt Iinstitute in Brooklyn. Prior to joining MSI, she was in a punk Dolly Parton cover band. She then replaced Vanessa as the bassist in the band in 2001. She is currently working with HUNG, a traveling art exhibit based on various punk artists. In 2002 she was hospitalized for a collapsed lung, but that hasn't stopped her from her high energy stage performance. Along with artist Jorden Haley, Lyn-Z contributed to the You'll Rebel To Anything CD artwork. Lyn-Z's stage presence is noticably active, she is constantly moving around and keeping the audience riled up and entertained. Her now infamous backbend is a memorable part of the live performance- Lyn-Z often dresses in school girl unifroms, with a touch of her own personal style. She married Gerard Way on September 3rd, 2007,the lastest days of the project revolution.

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Lindsey Way latest Artwork!
EuniRocking Jun 06, 2011
Hilarious Charlie Sheen Animationvid

Hilarious Charlie Sheen Animation

An animated charlie sheen rants on as his head opens up and things start popping out...
Two twins singing Baby by Justin Biebervid

Two twins singing Baby by Justin Bieber

Two Twins singing Baby by Justin Bieber!
carandty Jan 06, 2011
aliciabunny Dec 05, 2009
Gerard Way Lyn-Zpic

Gerard Way & Lyn-Z

Gerard and Lyn-z Way as JFK and Jackie O for The Umbrella Academy : Dallas
k-lula Aug 15, 2009
Gerard, Lindsey, Jill Tracy, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, David Jpic
Eu Dpic

Eu ;D

Eu sou uma pessoa doida demais UAHSUAHSUHAS G_G
lorepasquim Apr 29, 2009
Gerard Lindseypic
gerard and lynzpic

gerard and lynz

this was taken by photographer chris anthony, photo session for project Venice,... anywayz, its very nice don't you think?? and i gotta ask, can you…
nataly000mcr Mar 30, 2009