Ludo Maximus contest

Hello! Welcome to our Ludo Maximus contest, which in my opinion...more»


Welcome to our Ludo Maximus contest, which in my opinion may be the greatest name we’ve ever used for a contest! Ludo is re-releasing 2 of their earlier CD’s - their 2003 self-titled debut and their 2005 rock opera Broken Bride - on September 29th.

Prizes: Four (4) lucky winners will get copies of both CDs, and one (1) Grand Prize Winner will get the CDs PLUS tickets to a Ludo show of your choice! Pretty sweet, huh?

Join this group (top right corner) to enter our contest and you’ll be in the running to win those pretty sweet prizes!

The deadline to enter this contest is September 30, 2009 11:59pm EST.
For official rules, click here.

my basketball teampic


Croc Rock, Allentown!
rebeccastarz Sep 11, 2009
Because my cat rules :pic
Emmy Emmypic

Emmy Emmy

This is me at 7. One of my favorite pics!
emmyemmy Sep 04, 2009
Me and my hubbypic
lahm09 Sep 03, 2009
me and andrew at my first ludo concert!pic
Trying to understand what Fans are thinking...pic

Trying to understand what Fans are thinking...

Warped Tour 2008 After Ludo's set After the Idiot Parade One perfect random picture
beckettlove88 Sep 02, 2009
Kudos to Ludo har harpic

Kudos to Ludo har har

Hi Ludo you're my favorite and I'll be seein' you soonsies. I'll try to bring vegan yummyness this time.
calripkenjr Sep 02, 2009


jessenifer94 Sep 02, 2009