Love Yourself for Who You Are!!!

This is a group for you to show how much...more»
This is a group for you to show how much you not only love yourself but others too. You can be anyone, you can be gay or you can be a retard (like me! lmao) - you can be anything and show people who you are!

Don't discriminate and criticise in this group! This is for getting to know one another and to learn to accept each other for who we are!!! The world is full of enough shit, don't create more!

Go and introduce yourself and meet new people at the 'Don't you just love yourself?' forum!

"Die mens het skynbaar 'n keuse - om te vernietig of nie"
"Man can make a decision - to destroy or not to destroy"
Quote out of Fiela se Kind and translated to English (Fiela's Child), a book by Dalene Matthee

Love to everyone
Noodle (Riëtte)

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Ok, so todays topic is abuse. there are four types of abuse, Physical, emotional,neglect and sexual.I see so much of this every day. Not in …
samatha Sep 16, 2011
Doll Facevid

Doll Face

Love yourself for who you are, dont try to be someone else.
lovaholicrobotronic Jun 06, 2011
Erika Jayne - One Hot Pleasurevid

Erika Jayne - One Hot Pleasure

The official video for Erika Jayne's "One Hot Pleasure"
what i drew on my handpic

what i drew on my hand

I got bored so this is what i did. it's from my favorite band Black Veil Brides

Song of the Day: Erika Jayne - "One Hot Pleasure"

A sign of a true artist is one who can morph a trend to fit their aesthetic - take a sound of the moment and…
erikajaynemusic Nov 10, 2010
Erika Jaynepic
samo Mikapic

samo Mika

nataly000mcr May 25, 2010

Vindicated: Chapter Two

Amanda had been my mom's best friend since they were kids.  She was in her late thirties and had really curly red hair.  She was about…
Aly May 12, 2010