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Adler is on a roll!

Steven Adler has a new band called "Adler" They are killin' it with their new single release "The One that You Hated" In an interview…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Apr 27, 2012

Two things that go hand in hand.

Rock & Roll and Motorcycles! It's that time of year, we are out either driving our cars with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Apr 21, 2012

Bill Ward of Black Sabbath holding out!

Just about an hour ago a post was made on Bill Wards fanpage on facebook claiming he may not record and tour with Black Sabbath…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Feb 02, 2012

The Godfathers of Rock 'n Roll

As some of you may or may not have heard, one of the greatest and most influential hard rock/heavy metal bands of all time, have…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Jan 04, 2012

I keep getting this question, it is....How did Nikki Sixx inspire you..

I have a lot of people on Twitter ask me "Why and or how did Nikki Sixx inspire you?" Well here goes... I have always admired him…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Jan 03, 2012

Shinedown's Brent Smith Challenges Rock Fans to Rise Up - Join the Revolution

Shinedown's calling On all the Rockers to make 2012 the year of ROCK!
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Jan 02, 2012

Thank God someone finally said it!! Poll Names Justin Bieber Most Overrated Music Star of 2011

Hot on the heels of his hair being dubbed the most influential male cut of 2011, Justin Bieber has been voted the Most Overrated Music…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Dec 31, 2011

Please Be Safe!

I would like to take the time and tell everyone here to Please have a SAFE and Happy New Years. For all of you going…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Dec 30, 2011

The Bad Boys of Rock do it Again!!

Thats right, Motley Crue has done it again, but this time they really stepped it up. They are the first rock band in history to…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Dec 29, 2011

My Band Photo Shoots for 2011

I only wish I had more. But since I just picked my camera back up this year, I feel pretty lucky to have been able…
Jimmy Taylor
Jimmy Taylor Dec 28, 2011