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Welcome to Love of Animals! "Who loves the animals that...more»
Welcome to Love of Animals!
"Who loves the animals that may not be a bad man!"

Butterflies (photoset)

Hey all! Two posts two days in a row. Wow I am on a roll!  Here are some photos taken during my visit to Seattle, Washington.   Follow me: Twitter…
A beach canterpic

A beach canter

Two riders enjoying the late summer sunshine on Newgale beach .
annier Oct 01, 2014
Two kittenspic

Two kittens

I could feel them watching me when I was hanging Hovis's bedding out to dry  - two little siblings from one of the late litters…
annier Sep 29, 2014
Following the ploughpic

Following the plough

Two Shire Horses at the All Wales Ploughing Match yesterday . There were hundreds of tractors competing but also a few horse teams.
annier Sep 28, 2014
Ski's eyepic

Ski's eye

I took this after riding Ski the other morning, as I was leading her back to her stable. I think she has such lovely kind…
annier Sep 26, 2014
Hello big boy!pic

Hello big boy!

Hovis made a new friend on the beach this morning. He is an English Setter x Foxhound - I forgot to ask his owners what…
annier Sep 22, 2014
Quiz has new boots !pic

Quiz has new boots !

My friend's ancient Shetland pony Quiz has had sore front feet so she has got him these smart leather boots and he is now happily…
annier Sep 21, 2014
Out for a ridepic

Out for a ride

Sarah and I had a lovely ride the other day. She is riding Floss and I am on Ski. The weather continues to be wonderful…
annier Sep 16, 2014
Late kittenpic

Late kitten

We have had a couple of late litters of farmcat kittens this summer - this little one appeared a few days ago and I think…
annier Sep 09, 2014
Eight legs !pic

Eight legs !

If the back pony had just lifted his head a bit behind the front one ,then it would have looked like one 8 legged pony …
annier Sep 08, 2014