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Welcome to Love of Animals! "Who loves the animals that...more»
Welcome to Love of Animals!
"Who loves the animals that may not be a bad man!"

The snow is way over Mitzi the Merpup's Headpic


Two playing.
5footer Feb 09, 2015


I was driving to the beach on Friday and met my friend Sarah riding her Welsh cob Floss.  I had my camera on the car…
annier Feb 08, 2015
Brrrr !pic

Brrrr !

Although it was sunny this morning, there was a bitterly  cold strong wind up at Plumstone Rocks. These ponies were using the rocks as a…
annier Dec 10, 2014
Sunny morning ridepic

Sunny morning ride

I went riding this morning with friend Sarah - and it stayed dry and sunny for us ! In the top picture we are just…
annier Nov 14, 2014

HOT OR NOT: Drugs For Your Cat

I'm surprised! Ok, I can't believe in it. Stark Raving Cat designed new gadget, called Catnip Joints. Yeah, drugs from cats made from catnip. You…
Forbidden Nov 13, 2014

Butterflies (photoset)

Hey all! Two posts two days in a row. Wow I am on a roll!  Here are some photos taken during my visit to Seattle, Washington.   Follow me: Twitter…
A beach canterpic

A beach canter

Two riders enjoying the late summer sunshine on Newgale beach .
annier Oct 01, 2014
Two kittenspic

Two kittens

I could feel them watching me when I was hanging Hovis's bedding out to dry  - two little siblings from one of the late litters…
annier Sep 29, 2014
Following the ploughpic

Following the plough

Two Shire Horses at the All Wales Ploughing Match yesterday . There were hundreds of tractors competing but also a few horse teams.
annier Sep 28, 2014