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Welcome to Love of Animals! "Who loves the animals that...more»
Welcome to Love of Animals!
"Who loves the animals that may not be a bad man!"



My friend's mare had a foal 3 days ago - they have called her Midnight Scrumpy and here she is out with mum enjoying the…
annier 14 hrs ago


This is Jack - one of my friend Pat's horses. I was just driving off from her place yesterday and I saw him standing at…
annier Apr 16, 2014
Tacked up and ready to gopic

Tacked up and ready to go

Ski is all ready for me to get on her and go for a ride this morning. The yellow plastic tub that is upside down next…
annier Apr 10, 2014

Hot Or Not: Dog Vogue!

Hey Buzzneters!!! Do you remember my old blog about wet dogs(here)? It was incredible photos by the animal photographer Sasha Gamand. Today I want to…
Forbidden Apr 04, 2014

The Sweetest Animals: Fluffy Cows!

I believe that animals are best friends and they are a real treasure. We know a lot of amazing animal species but some break our…
Forbidden Apr 01, 2014
Having a good scratchpic

Having a good scratch

This pony was scratching herself against the Neighbourhood Watch sign - which asks people to report any vandalism - and she's broken it!
annier Mar 31, 2014
Its a hard lifepic

Its a hard life.....

......  being a farm cat - lying in the sun on my steps - waiting for me to serve dinner !
annier Mar 29, 2014

Pin-Up Cats!

Yeah, we read about yoga cats, sushi cats and cats in tights but now it's the time for Pin-Up cats?? During this spring everything is…
Forbidden Mar 29, 2014

Hot Or Not: The First LOLCATS!!!

Wow, do you know that the first lolcats have more than 100 years?? Really, I didn't know :) Harry Whittier Frees was a photographer who…
Forbidden Mar 25, 2014
Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !pic

Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !

But Bernie brought me a turnip! Bernie belongs to Sarah who I am riding with in previous photo. When I arrived on the yard he came…
annier Mar 20, 2014