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Welcome to Love of Animals! "Who loves the animals that...more»
Welcome to Love of Animals!
"Who loves the animals that may not be a bad man!"

Out for a ridepic

Out for a ride

Sarah and I had a lovely ride the other day. She is riding Floss and I am on Ski. The weather continues to be wonderful…
annier Sep 16, 2014
Late kittenpic

Late kitten

We have had a couple of late litters of farmcat kittens this summer - this little one appeared a few days ago and I think…
annier Sep 09, 2014
Eight legs !pic

Eight legs !

If the back pony had just lifted his head a bit behind the front one ,then it would have looked like one 8 legged pony …
annier Sep 08, 2014


Watching a show jumping class today , Its been another lovely sunny exhausting day walking  round the County Show  but lots of fun, Tomorrow I'm…
annier Aug 20, 2014
Riding draft horsepic

Riding draft horse

Its the Pembrokeshire 3 day County show this week  and I will be there every day. Its one of the biggest shows in Wales and…
annier Aug 19, 2014
Look - I won!pic

Look - I won!

This little girl had just won her class leading her pony in hand - the pony is wearing her red rosette for first place and…
annier Aug 18, 2014
Village showpic

Village show

It was our local village horse and dog show yesterday - and these two were entries in the side saddle class . It looks so…
annier Aug 17, 2014
Who has Canela seen ?pic

Who has Canela seen ?

My friend Pat's horse Canela has seen something interesting outside her stable.
annier Aug 13, 2014
Pony road blockpic

Pony road block

Through my car windscreen. I had to get out and shoo them off the road up to Plumstone rock. I don't know why they do…
annier Jul 13, 2014
Jumping clearpic

Jumping clear

We went to a little local horse and dog show on Sunday afternoon and had a nice few hours wandering round watching all the different…
annier Jul 08, 2014