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PETITION: We Want Ed Sheeran In Assago

Hello my dear Buzzneters, I seriously need your help! At the beginning of April, British singer Ed Sheeran announced the European dates for his tour, including Italy…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Apr 14, 2014
The world is live 2005 Yespic

The world is live (2005) / Yes

The Word is Liveis a live box set by progressive rock band Yes and was released in 2005 through Rhino Records. Considered the live companion to…
melomano Apr 13, 2014
Jens Beckerpic

Jens Becker

Jens Becker(born 24 May 1965 in Fürth, Germany) is a heavy metal bass guitarist who currently performs with Grave Digger. History The first major band Jens played…
melomano Apr 11, 2014
House of Yes: Live from House of Blues 2000 Yespic

House of Yes: Live from House of Blues (2000) / Yes

House of Yes: Live from House of Bluesis a double live CD by progressive rock band Yes. The album was recorded on Halloween night in…
melomano Apr 10, 2014
Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969 - 1970 1997 Yespic

Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969 - 1970 (1997) / Yes

Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969–1970is a compilation of live recordings by the progressive rock band, Yes. They are the only live recordings to feature…
melomano Apr 09, 2014
Tom Brislinpic

Tom Brislin

Tom Brislinis an Americankeyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer. He performs as a solo artist, and is also known for his work with Yes, Meat Loaf…
melomano Apr 08, 2014

Music for your Morning: Emily Wolfe

If there's one voice that is breaking out above the crowd of singer songwriters these past few months, it's Emily Wolfe. You probably heard her…
garlandkellydet Apr 08, 2014
9012Live: The Solos 1985 Yespic

9012Live: The Solos (1985) / Yes

9012Live: The Solosis the third live album by Yes. Released as a mini LP in 1985, the album features solos from each of the five…
melomano Apr 07, 2014

Bands to Watch: Lost in Los Angeles

Today's band to watch is coming to you all the wat from Los Angeles, CA. Lost in Los angeles has been on my subway playlist…
garlandkellydet Apr 07, 2014
Yesshows 1980 Yespic

Yesshows (1980) / Yes

Yesshowsis the second live album by Britishprogressive rock group Yes. Released shortly after the appearance of Drama, Yesshows comprises live performances ranging from the summer…
melomano Apr 05, 2014