Hey guys, This is the official lipstick prophets group on...more»
Hey guys,
This is the official lipstick prophets group on buzznet. Lipstick prophets is a clothing line. Evreythng posted on here will ave somthing to do with Lipstick Prophets. Thanks for your time !

Art Show - May7th thru June 18th 2010

Welcome back, "my friends" to the show that never ends!   Come and see the show! It's a dynamo...   (I halve ELP running though my head.)
inlikeflint Apr 21, 2010

New Ning Group

It's really cool-free to join and you can create a profile, post songs, videos, the whole nine yards. Hope to see you there;
fritzk Jul 28, 2009

Offical Friend Clean-Up Day...

Yes friends... It is that time once again!I am dropping most of the dead weight out of my profile so I can make room for…
inlikeflint Feb 16, 2009


I finally broke down and donated an image to Buzznet to use for a background. If you catch the front page you may be able…
inlikeflint Jul 25, 2008

Pimp Players In History

Pimp Players in HistoryVolume IVChapter 2.Memorable pimp players who were imortalized in paintings commissioned by kings and popes.This is a painting of the guys who…
inlikeflint Jul 19, 2008
it only hurts my eyespic

it only hurts my eyes

one hour at work and i'm first cut. so i go from five to six and end up with an entire four hour work day…
My imposiblepic

My imposible

Yes as it says..He's my bests friends cousin..this is him on my bf's wedding...there was about 13 years I haven't see him..and guess what? yes,yes...I'm…
Miss Grey Van Alex!
Miss Grey Van Alex! Jul 13, 2008

Jeffree Star vs. HannaBeth

'Scene Queens', Jeffree Star and HannaBeth have called it quits on their friendship. This has not been the first of the feuds between the two…

Who does it better?

The ultimate battle of hair. Who rocks pink hair more?
mikeysgirl Jul 05, 2008
stinkypinky May 12, 2008