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Korean pop music is taking over and those who join the group will be able to come together and talk about their favorite groups or biases. You can also share news regarding groups, share fan fiction, or anything else your kpop obsessed hearts desire!

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harrybigbutton Sep 02, 2014

New to Korean rock music?

Hello all, I am a front man of Korean hard rock band "HarryBigButton". Some of you might already know about some Korean music, such as K-pop…
harrybigbutton Feb 04, 2013

Top 10 Songs of January 2013

It's been a while since I last posted, but I... I don't really have an excuse... So, straight to the list. Here are my favorite…
Bone Feb 02, 2013

Girls' Generation Presents The Japanese Version Of "Oh!"

Girls Generation is my favorite korean group! All the girls are so freaking gorgeous and talented! Today they finally released the japanese version of one of…
Lezly Sep 13, 2012
T-ARA's New Video: Sexy Lovevid

T-ARA's New Video: "Sexy Love"

T-ARA made their come back with a new brand song/video called "Sexy Love". For the video, they did a robot choreography. Also, I have to say…
Lezly Sep 12, 2012
Britney Spears Has The Gangnam Stylevid

Britney Spears Has The Gangnam Style

The Korean singer PSY gave Britney Spears a surprise on The Ellen Show.  As Ellen said in the video, Britney wanted to learn how to do…
Lezly Sep 11, 2012

YES! The Gangnam Style Dude Hits up the VMAS Red Carpet

Ok... Be honest! You spend your time watching & singing to "Gangnam Style" since the very first moment you heard about it! Hahaha!  We don't know…
Lezly Sep 06, 2012
Wonder Girls feat. Akon: Like Moneyvid

Wonder Girls feat. Akon: "Like Money"

Remember that on July 6th I wrote about Wonder Girls new song/video featuring Akon? Well, I'm sorry for not being here on July 10th... But here…
Lezly Jul 14, 2012

Wonder Girls New Song/Video: "Like Money"

Wonder Girls are a korean group that is already kind of famous in the USA. They've made a movie for "TeenNick".  On Tuesday 10th they're going…
Lezly Jul 06, 2012

Girls' Generation New Video: "Paparazzi"

Ok... I'm totally obsessed with Girls' Generation's new japanese single "Paparazzi"... Watch it & tell me what you think about it! ;-)  Uhlalala ♪ lalala ♪ 
Lezly Jun 22, 2012