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  • dora
    dora Oct 07, 2013
    such a bummer. lucky that people weren`t hurt though. I hope they will back on the road soon. also I think…

    CANDLE Oct 06, 2013
    WOW!!! That is just CRAZY!!! I hope the person who tried to break in didn't start the fire! It has…

  • EdIsAGenius
    EdIsAGenius Oct 06, 2013
    Yeah, they're safe, and that's the best. Poor lads.

  • amyjoebloggs
    amyjoebloggs Oct 06, 2013
    Don't know, but it's probably just unrelated bad luck. Poor guys, but at least they're safe.

  • EdIsAGenius
    EdIsAGenius Oct 06, 2013
    Wow. Just read the status on Facebook, I'm glad they're all good. I hope it has nothing related to the…

  • iamadelaidee
    iamadelaidee Sep 12, 2013
    I pre ordered their album as soon as I heard this song. KIGH FOR EVEEEEER

  • dora
    dora Aug 29, 2013
    it sounds cool! can`t for the album

  • Lai Daniels
    Lai Daniels Aug 29, 2013
    Super cool

    CANDLE Aug 28, 2013
    L O V E it so much!!! Thanks for posting Amy! I wouldn't have seen it otherwise! (((:

  • Emily Bowman
    Emily Bowman Aug 01, 2013
    everything about taylor swift... yes yes and yes