Welcome To Our Group! Iloveskelanimals Is Buzznets Only Active Group...more»
Welcome To Our Group! Iloveskelanimals Is Buzznets Only Active Group Where You Can Browse Through Photos, Videos, Topics And Even The Odd Journal And They’ll All Be Involved In Some Way Or Another With Skelanimals! We Always Love Having New Posts And Members Here So Don’t Be Shy ;). There’s No Rule Here Saying You Have To Have A Skelanimal I Didn’t When I Started This Group, However Although That Isn’t A Rule There Is A Few.

Golden Rules:
1. All Members Are Expected To Respect Each Other Meaning Any Disrespect On This Group Will Mean You’ll Be Banned From The Group.

2. Anybody Who Joins The Group And Doesn’t Know What A Skelanimal Is Must Try Their Best To Learn What One Is Any Of The Admins ( mikeysgirl, millieann28200 and xshirleyx)Will Be Happy To Inform You. But, The Section Below Taken From The Skelanimal Website Should Give You A Clue.

3. We Would Like The Majority Of Members To Participate Weither Its Posting Or Just |Replying To Topics The More The Merrier. There’s No Point Having Hundreds Of Members If Only 50 Contribute.

4.All Suggestions Are Welcome And Considered But If We Don’t Use Them Don’t Take It Personally Or Throw A Tantrum.

5. Try To Enjoy Yourself On The Group Its One Of The Reasons Its Here.

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end -- mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. These charming little guys are looking for a special someone to care for and love them, and keep them cozy and warm. They love to snuggle while watching scary movies -- after all, it's hard to keep warm when you're just a bunch of bones!

Skelanimals are looking for a home with that special someone to care for and love them, but not just anyone. They like people who have a warm heart, after all they’re just bones. They need you to keep them warm and cozy. Snuggling is their favorite thing to do, especially when you watch a scary movie.

Skelanimals are the brain children of artist and designer Mitchell Bernal. Each Skelanimal has its own favorite scary movie. They try to pretend they’re not afraid, but when you get scared, they do

******Competition/Mission Number1 Week 1-2********
Every 2 weeks all you Skelovers will get a new Mission Which I have named Mission/ Competition what it is will vary but obviously it will have something to do with Skelanimals. You don't have to have a skelanimal to do these you could do it on photo shop or even paint. You could borrow a friends Skelanimal or you can print a picture of one and use that. Or you could draw one and get extra brownie points! The winner will have their name and winning picture on the group main page until the winner is announced of the following competition.

This time what you have to do is dress your skelanimal. Sew it, Draw it, Photo shop it, Use Dolls Clothes , Make it Elvis, Put a Banana on its head we don't care just be creative.

Get Going be imaginative and wild!

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Dee Dee is watching you.pic
The Skelanimalspic

The Skelanimals

Aren't they cute?
Tis pablo AKA Pepitopic

Tis pablo AKA Pepito

My skelanimal that i got for christmas his name technically is pablo but my buddies call him pepito
Ashliedrumsthebeat Jan 17, 2009
nikita loves to lay on the desk :Dpic
Miley Cyrus and Hana Beth Caught by the Paparazzivid
Grizzy MCR backpackpic
I love Skelanimalspic

I love Skelanimals

i know.. the watermark sucks.. but my fotolog..u know..
skels hoodiepic
Warped Tour 08 Skelanimal Posters large msg 121451482173pic