I Could Have Come Up With Something Better

Well all know that Fall Out Boy is known for...more»

Well all know that Fall Out Boy is known for putting out some wacky and or reallllllly long song titles (ie. I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me).

So we thought it would be cool to see if you guys could come up with some more creative options. We want to see if you could come up with a better title for any of the Fall Out Boy songs.

Join this group and submit your new titles as a journal post (do not post them in the forum). Tell us which song you're re-writing the title for and why.

Some examples:

Remember when you hated me in highschool and now you tell people we're friends on the internet

What the fuck happened to spaghetti cat?

Does this song title make me look fat?

Desperately seeking satan

Folie A Deux
12/15+12/16 WORDWIDE
What a Catch, Donnie
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On a Bad Bet
I Don't Care

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Slip into this cutie!pic

Slip into this cutie!

Awwww! It's sooo cute! Some mary janes would go GREAT with these. Opt for the pink striped socks too!
phillydiamond Sep 07, 2011
Capturing the Sweet moments of Fashionpic

Capturing the Sweet moments of Fashion

I like her hair cut, very modern Lolita!
phillydiamond Sep 07, 2011
Cute Loli Bag w accessorypic

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Aww... how Sweet!pic

Aww... how Sweet!

La, la, la. Just sittin' by the pool enjoying the nice fresh air. xP
phillydiamond Sep 07, 2011
AWESOME Lolita hair and bowpic

AWESOME Lolita hair and bow

I heart the colors for this! Could you pull this look off?
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A perfect piece for a wedding ~ Lolita style

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