Hugs for Charities

ever seen the people with FREE HUGS signs and gone...more»
ever seen the people with FREE HUGS signs and gone to give them a hug? well now we're switching it up. ask for a donation or have people give a small amount of money for that hug and donate to a charity that could use a boost

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Paul McCartney's special message to save seals

Dear Friend -- With your help, we've made tremendous strides toward ending the cruel Canadian seal hunt. Each spring our fearless ProtectSeals team travels to…
monnie Feb 07, 2008

A Beautiful Official Website

Join 30 Seconds to Mars and see what you can do to help in the fight against global warming! Get information & updates - get…
monnie Jan 31, 2008

See what your love and generosity has achieved this year...North Shore Animal League America

As we look back on the past year, we are filled with gratitude for all North Shore Animal League America was able to achieve…
monnie Dec 29, 2007

TAXES: How many Billions of Dollars on the War in Iraq....

Snopes says it's reasonably accurate. Subject : Taxes   So how many billion dollars on the war in Iraq? And how much oil would it have produced if we had…
monnie Dec 14, 2007

The Year In Pictures - Biggest Victories of 2007 - A Message From The Humane Society of the United States

Watch this slideshow of our biggest victories for animals -- and help ensure they continue in 2008! Trouble with links or images? Want to share this email?…
monnie Dec 14, 2007
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Life on the road with Plain White T's merch girl Trophyboys

If you caught the recent 'The Young Wild Things' tour with Fall Out Boy, Cute Is What We Aim For and Gym Class Heroes, then…
mightymendoza Dec 05, 2007
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Free Hugs sign

i actually wore the mustace, we were ina halloween store and my friend who works there gave it to me. so yeah, i wore it…

Message from HSUS (Humane Society U.S.) RE: Help Stop Puppy Mills!!

nbsp; Trouble with links or images? Want to share this message? Use this link: Watch our undercover video exposing puppy mills in Virginia. He was too cute…
monnie Nov 27, 2007