This group is just for anyone who loves Harry Potter. Be...more»
This group is just for anyone who loves Harry Potter.
Be it the books, the films or any of the character.
This is just for you =D

A Brand-New 'Harry Potter' Movie In The Works!

It's time to celebrate with a batch of butterbeer! The Harry Potter movie series may have ended July 2011, but Potter fans rejoice: there's a…
Patty Dec 11, 2012

Emma Watson Goes Public With Oxford BF!

Since Harry Potter officially ended last July, Emma Watson has been as busy as ever. While attending school at Oxford University is taking up some of the…
Patty Aug 28, 2012

10 Jaw-Dropping 'Harry Potter' Moments

The world of Harry Potter is no stranger to some of the most amazing storylines and special moments - thanks to the mastermind of author…
Patty Jul 31, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe's Best 'Harry Potter' Quotes

Just when you thought Harry Potter was over and done with, you were delightfully wrong! It's Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe's birthday today. Even though…
Patty Jul 23, 2012

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings

I found this on the internet and just couldn't stop laughing!!
rebeccafreeman Apr 22, 2012

The A To Z Of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter film franchise may be over as of last July, but we’re definitely not over our beloved HP! With author J.K. Rowling still…
Patty Apr 17, 2012

What Rumor Did Emma Watson's Hair Start?

When Emma Watson chopped her lovely Hermione Granger locks to a pixie cut in 2010, there was tons of talk about the Harry Potter actress'…
Patty Feb 23, 2012

What's Daniel Radcliffe's Secret Talent?

Daniel Radcliffe may have hung up his wizarding wand with the culmination of the Harry Potter movies in July, but the 22-year-old British actor still…
Patty Feb 15, 2012

Who Did Daniel Radcliffe Have A One Night Stand With?

He may have played the innocent boy wizard Harry Potter, but Daniel Radcliffe has had some wild days under his belt! The 22-year-old actor has…
Patty Feb 09, 2012

Why Is Daniel Radcliffe Dissing America?

Daniel Radcliffe charmed his way into our hearts while playing the ever-amazing boy wizard Harry Potter in the beloved film series. Even after the Potter…
Patty Feb 02, 2012