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Real Name: Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen Nicknames: Migé Amour, Bad...more»
Real Name: Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen

Nicknames: Migé Amour, Bad Migé, Michael Eros (his nickname in Daniel Lioneye), Michael Erosina, Michael Fors, S. Leni, El Cupido, Lava Man, Sad Mizee, Säkki

Previous Bands:

-Unga Kaskelottär (1990-1992)
-Bullshit Ass (Pre-95)
-The Motherfuckers

Instrument: Bass
Birthday: December 19, 1974
Sign: Sagittarius
Brothers/Sisters: Big Brother "Helmut"
Favorite Film: Sleepy Hollow
Favorite Color: The Color of Saruman's Robe
Lucky Number: 666
Favorite City: Barcelona, Spain
Favorite Dish: Soulfood
Favorite Drink: Coffee, Water, Nectars
Special Interest: Catholic Churches, Architecture, Charles Chaplin, Exotic Instruments, Meditation, Vedrana, Pyramids, Photography
What I Don't Like: Cruelty, Hatred, Aggression, Ghosts & Other Night Fears, Wicked Spirits, Envy, Modern Shopping Malls
Idols: Black Sabbath, Ville Valo, Lily Lazer, Suho Superstar
Best Song Ever: Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Message: Be Careful With Alcohol, Sex, Drugs & Other Temptations

Additional Info: Mige is one of the original founding members and Ville's best friend.

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