All kinds of HEART photos!

Hearts, one after anotherpic
Heart Artpic

Heart Art

Spied on the counter in a denstist's office in San Francisco.  She likes hearts like I do!  She had more.
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Love sometimes involves . . .pic

Love sometimes involves . . .

Love sometimes involves psychological mind games: "psycho logical" mind games
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Have a lovey-dovey weekend.pic

Have a lovey-dovey weekend.

my digital camera photo then processed with an iPhone app called "Glaze"
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Valentine timekeeper - I liked it so much I bought it!pic
Sweetheart Angel Wingspic

Sweetheart Angel Wings

ceramic heart art spotted in an art gallery in Healdsburg, California
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Bowl of Lovepic

Bowl of Love

Posted for a theme of "Bowl of _____" for another photo site.  So I titled this "Bowl of love"   I love hearts and chocolate!
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my rainbow Baccarat heartpic

my rainbow Baccarat heart

colorized crystal heart
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Love Letters. From your heart.pic

Love Letters. From your heart.

Love song to match this image:  LOVE LETTERS: Lyrics: "Love Letters"_____________________ The sky may be starlessThe night may be moonlessBut deep in my heartI know that you…
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Hope you all had a great 4th of July!pic

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!

Heartfelt love for the USA!
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