Glamour Kills Tour 2011

Win awesome prizes from bands, Glamour Kills and Zumiez for...more»
Win awesome prizes from bands, Glamour Kills and Zumiez for posting your photos, blogs and videos from the GK Tour!

As you know, the Glamour Kills tour is currently crawlin' across the U.S. with The Ready Set, Allstar Weekend, The Downtown Fiction, We Are The In Crowd and You Me And Everyone We Know.

In case you haven't heard, we're offering YOU the chance to win these AMAZING prizes:

Grand Prize:
    •    Signed stuff from ALL the bands on the tour
    •    $300 Zumiez Gift Card
    •    $100 Glamour Kills Gift Card

2 Runners Up Will Get:
    •    $150 Zumiez Gift Card
    •    $50 Glamour Kills Gift Card

Here's how to enter:

- First, join THIS group.

- Second, post away! Share your photos, show reviews, videos and any sweet stories your experience at the GK tour

That's it! We will be looking out for the best, most entertaining posts throughout the tour, and we will be featuring our favorite stuff. 

At the end of the tour we'll choose ONE spectacular blogger from the GK tour group to win the grand prize, AND two runner ups!


UPDATE: The GK Blogging Contest will be CLOSED to new entries on Friday, 4/15 - so be sure to get your posts up before then!


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