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For lovers of macro photography. Please come and share your macro-photography and enjoy others!

After the rainpic

After the rain

The sun finally came out about 4pm after a day of rain.
annier Apr 07, 2014
This is me today.pic

This is me today.

This is me, taken today, with my iphone, that isn't a lot of cop taking pics in low light, I hate having my picture taken…
5footer Mar 30, 2014
Mother's Day.pic

Mother's Day.

It's Mother's Day in the UK.  So Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums.   Rob and I will be taking his Mum her card tomorrow…
5footer Mar 30, 2014
Me and my carpic

Me and my car

This is me when I was 20, and the little grey Morris 1000 is my first car. It was a great little car.  The other…
5footer Mar 28, 2014
Hello Mitch.pic

Hello Mitch.

I did actually post this last evening, but by this morning it had disappeared from buzznet.  I don't know what happened to it. Anyway, what I…
5footer Mar 25, 2014
Feeling Snoozypic

Feeling Snoozy

Mitch and Mazey having a little bit of quiet time.  Mitch's eyes are shutting already. They sit with only one leg each on the perch…
5footer Mar 23, 2014
Stratford Butterfly Farm - Enjoying a drink.pic
Stratford Butterfly Farm - Looking for Lunchpic
Stratford Butterfly Farm - A Shade of Bluepic

Stratford Butterfly Farm - A Shade of Blue

There were a lot of Butterfly's there, but they were all gorgeous.
5footer Mar 20, 2014
White Helleborepic

White Hellebore

I love these little white Hellebores, (if they are Hellebores), it's lovely to have them this time of year.
5footer Mar 18, 2014