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For lovers of macro photography. Please come and share your macro-photography and enjoy others!

Tortoiseshell on bramble blossompic

Tortoiseshell on bramble blossom

At last there are lots of butterflies about - and I can't resist photographing them - so here is yet another butterfly shot!
annier Jul 27, 2014
Butterfly on daisypic

Butterfly on daisy

This Green Veined White butterfly was having a happy time on a large patch of daisies and didn't mind me taking close up photos!
annier Jul 21, 2014
First Peacock butterflypic

First Peacock butterfly

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get any Peacock Butterflies on my Buddleia bush this year - but one appeared this afternoon…
annier Jul 20, 2014
Hovering beepic

Hovering bee

I was trying to take a picture of this bee on the thistle flower but it flew off just as I pressed the button! I'm…
annier Jul 17, 2014
Bug porn!pic

Bug porn!

Last week when I posted 2 butterflies mating someone said it was butterfly porn - so today i am posting bug porn! Not sure what…
annier Jul 16, 2014
Tortoiseshell close uppic

Tortoiseshell close up

I managed several shots of this lovely tortoiseshell butterfly yesterday evening about 8.30 . I find that's the best time to catch them staying still…
annier Jul 10, 2014


Late afternoon light...
desertphreak Jun 22, 2014
Another Dragonfly shotpic

Another Dragonfly shot

Same dragonfly showing all of her wings in this shot. Full size best .
annier Jun 08, 2014
Female Broadbodied Chaser Dragonflypic

Female Broadbodied Chaser Dragonfly

I spent ages stalking this beautiful dragonfly this afternoon - its the first time I have managed to photograph one of this type of dragonfly. Please…
annier Jun 05, 2014
Perfectly Pinkpic

Perfectly Pink

Thank goodness for summer, it makes the winter bearable.
5footer May 31, 2014