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As an English Tokio Hotel fan, Im getting pretty fed...more»
As an English Tokio Hotel fan, Im getting pretty fed up of them never coming here.
If anyone else feels the same, this is the group to join and try to do something about it.
I know there's got to be some other English/UK fans out there who feel the same.

Transporta - I wanna Dance with youvid

Transporta - I wanna Dance with you

Featured on the step up 3d
thenewtransporta Jul 10, 2011

Tokio Hotel | Offizielle Homepage | Deutschland

Tokio Hotel - offizielle Band Website, Deutschland. Infos zu Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schaefer + Georg Listing! News, Bilder, Videos und vieles mehr!
Esther Manqiavacche
Esther Manqiavacche Dec 01, 2010

new buzznet is ready :}

okkk so im going to greece on sunday and when i get back in a weeks time im going to delete this buzznet! sad i know :'{…
fwummm Aug 13, 2010


so basically i have had  VERY VERY VERY LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG break from buzznet. and i miss it :'{ so im back :') i miss writing my storys for…
fwummm Aug 12, 2010
Tokio Hotel HMpic

Tokio Hotel H&M

The ad on myspace. Click on all size to make it bigger.
JossyG24 May 18, 2009
Tokio Hotel HMpic
JossyG24 May 18, 2009
Happy 22nd Birthday Georg!vid
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Party, Fans and a Table Dance - Tokio Hotel TV Special!vid

Yay TH TV is back and there's a contest. TV SPECIAL AVAILABLE NOW & AWESOME CONTEST!!!Tokio Hotel TV is back with a special episode about the fan party - click HERE to watch…
JossyG24 Mar 04, 2009