Frank Iero Is My Hero (My Chem and Leathermouth freaks)

anything about frank! we r all addicts.

i made thispic

i made this

it took me two or three days to make thess earrings
savyon1990 Feb 12, 2011
frank ieropic

frank iero

i love you frankie
savyon1990 Jan 11, 2011


rathy Jun 14, 2009
My Chemical Romance - Desolation Rowvid

freshman freak or comeback of the year[[ch51]] LAST CHAPTER!!!!!

freshman freak or comeback of the year [[ch51]]   PETE’S POV      I SIGHED AS I LOOKED INTO VEE’S EYES. “GOD, YOU’RE GORGEOUS.”    SHE BLUSHED AND LOOKED DOWN.    “IT’S…
ViennaKISS Frank--more pics up on myspace soonpic
Bobby Eddie of Leathermouthpic
Fans with Frankpic
Fans with Frankpic
Leathermouth Towsonpic