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FOE users, here's your place to share photos of your tattoos and also to check out what your favorite band members have inked on their bodies.

BIKE WEEK, Laconia, NH pic

❤❤BIKE WEEK, Laconia, NH ❤❤

New to group and wanted to say hi, I'm the one on the left :).  ❤Coleen  
ohheyitsjustine Sep 17, 2012
my collectionpic

my collection

on Guard!!!!!
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Aug 31, 2012
My Angelpic

My Angel

you left in the time when I got close to you the world seem so old and mean but you made it all new  I see the…
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Feb 14, 2012

Top Fashionable Tattoos 2011

Tattoo is a way to express oneself and to emphasize your unique individuality. Logically the design should also be totally individual and unique. But notwithstanding…
victoriaviz Sep 08, 2011

Why do we LOVE?

Cause it feels so good before it starts to hurt,,,  ;P
Man of Steel
Man of Steel Aug 31, 2011

Tattoo History – From Ancient Times to Our Days

In all times people believed in the magic power of making designs on the skin. But who and when made the first tattoo design is…
victoriaviz Aug 04, 2011

Why Do People Choose Inscription Tattoos?

Tattoo designs have been popular since ancient times, but they usually were symbols, the images of animals or other signs that acquired deep symbolic meaning…
victoriaviz Apr 07, 2011
number 2pic

number 2

jamiecatastrophe Feb 20, 2011

Berlin Tattoo Convention

Nowadays tattoo and body art became a popular form of arts and increasingly people became interested in tattoo designs every day. If earlier tattoo images…
victoriaviz Feb 11, 2011