Flower photos

We love flowers! We love nature! :)

Clearly, I see these days are changing like the weather.pic

Clearly, I see these days are changing like the weather.

hello back! Its rainnig over here so I thought for brighting my and your day I will post kindish summer photo! :)
Red Changes
Red Changes Oct 12, 2011
Day 38pic

Day 38

Puppysitting Ed, the Cockapoo, today. Not much else going on. Starting college very soon.
Day 37pic
Scottish Wildflower 003pic

Scottish Wildflower #003

Yet another flower found in the wilderness of Scotland. See you later.
Scottish Wildflower 001pic

Scottish Wildflower #001

Scotland has some wonderful flowers just growing everywhere you look. Here's one. I've got plenty more :)
Samantha Payne
Samantha Payne Aug 24, 2011
Day 136pic

Day 136

I got to go to the Sunken Gardens yesterday with my brother!! It was so much fun!!! There were a lot of Lotus flowers in…
Day 114pic

Day 114

My friend Donna has the most beautiful flowers in her garden!!! I love these zinnias!! They have such beautiful bright colors!!! :D I found a…
Day 88pic

Day 88

Currently listening to Set Your Right by Canterbury I'm going to Omaha today!! I promise I will try to catch up with everyone's posts later today!!!…