Flower Photography

This group was created for those who love and enjoy...more»
This group was created for those who love and enjoy taking photos of flowers. Please feel free to post photos you have taken. Please be sure to post relevant photos to the group, be kind and respectful to each other and leave feedback.



Today I did a photoshoot and I had some time during the shoot so I took a few photos of what I saw around me…

Brand New Camera!

I know I've not been on here recently, but I just got a new camera and wanted to share! :D
Happy Valentine's Daypic

Happy Valentine's Day

I celebrated Valentine's Day early!  The man that I am dating bought me these beautiful flowers and a bottle of sparkling moscato!  I am so…
CANDLE Feb 14, 2014
They Do Existpic

They Do Exist

FLOWERS!!!  These were for sale at Walmart!  I loved the tips being colored in that fashion!  I had to stop our caravan and take a…
CANDLE Feb 03, 2014
I don't trust these record labels I'm tornpic
Cat-calls on cat-walks, man these women getting solemnpic
You make me feel like a million, billion.pic

You make me feel like a million, billion.

Picture of some flowers that were at the Lake Dardanelle State Park. :) It's lovely, I know. I am sorry I have not been online…
Stacey Dec 22, 2013
Remnants Of A Dreampic

Remnants Of A Dream

These were once brilliant Black Eyed Susans!  Now they stand in the cold of winter proving that summer did once exist !  I can still…
CANDLE Nov 22, 2013
So open up your heart, Help me understand.pic

So open up your heart, Help me understand.

This is a picture of I think a holly bush. I believe that is what it is. When I went to Lake Dardanelle, I couldn't…
Stacey Nov 13, 2013
Red Amaryllispic