Flower Photography

This group was created for those who love and enjoy...more»
This group was created for those who love and enjoy taking photos of flowers. Please feel free to post photos you have taken. Please be sure to post relevant photos to the group, be kind and respectful to each other and leave feedback.



I just have a minute to post this!  It has been raining here most of the day!  I went to pick James up at preschool…
CANDLE Jul 15, 2014

It's Definitely Thursday

Today was a very good, but very long day!  I signed my new lease!  I went to Cheboygan!  I ate Thai food that was super…
CANDLE Jul 03, 2014
Gentle Irispic

Gentle Iris

My brother's irises are in bloom! It is such a perfect sign of summer!  Their color is so gentle and preciously pretty!  I love them!…
CANDLE Jun 20, 2014
Perfectly Pinkpic

Perfectly Pink

Thank goodness for summer, it makes the winter bearable.
5footer May 31, 2014


I so love the Trilliums when they bloom every spring!  It lets us know that summer is on it's way!  I love the forest floor!…
CANDLE May 23, 2014


I had an oddly horrific day today and posting this is keeping my mind off of it so I'm just trying to consume myself with…
Jill's Cream Tulipspic

Jill's Cream Tulips

My neighbor, Jill, has planted some beautiful flowers!  I have been showing them to you as they come up!  She has these BEAUTIFUL cream colored…
CANDLE May 19, 2014
Perfect Purplepic

Perfect Purple

My neighbor planted some crocus plants that were already starting to bloom!  I think that they are so pretty!  I really hope that one one…
CANDLE Apr 30, 2014
In the Light of the Sunpic

In the Light of the Sun

Listening to Boston by Augustana after not listening to the song for years.    Taken in Northern California (Cannery Row).
Confirmation Of Springpic

Confirmation Of Spring

We have CROCUS in bloom !!!  This is one of the 3 crocus that survived the damage done by vandals in our complex!  You can…
CANDLE Apr 24, 2014