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Samsung Galaxy S4, un nou mod de a experimenta viata

Smartphone-ul  Samsung Galaxy S4 ramane un produs de top preferat de utilizatorii dispozitivelor telefonice smart. Caracteristicile sale tehnice, accesoriile adaugate telefonului si gama variata de…
vasilebogdan Aug 26, 2014
zombie snookipic

zombie snooki

My costume for Pittsburgh's anual Zombie Fest.
pompasaurus Oct 11, 2010

Art Show - May7th thru June 18th 2010

Welcome back, "my friends" to the show that never ends!   Come and see the show! It's a dynamo...   http://www.kansascityartistscoalition.org/exhibitions/exhibitions_current.html   (I halve ELP running though my head.)
inlikeflint Apr 21, 2010


A drawing I did of Gemma Ward. I wish I had more time for art : (. This is colored pencil on watercolor paper.
pompasaurus Feb 18, 2010

Spam/Scam of the Month

Me love you long time... Received the following message from an apparent admirer here on Buzznet on Tuesday, 8/11/2009. Have had a number of messages from…
My banana is loaded with vitamins...pic

My banana is loaded with vitamins...

The tag says it all... PSSST! I'm full of vitamins The nutritional value of a 3.5 oz (100 g) banana is as follows: • Energy: 90 kcal…
Sunshine Shows All...pic

Sunshine Shows All...

At the Flea Market... There's something to be said about checking to see just how much light passes through your clothing before leaving home for a…
Betty Page and Burlesque Iconspic

Betty Page and Burlesque Icons

This vendor offered various men's magazines from the '50s and '60s (Nugget, Club, etc), along with various b&w and color nude photos of the late…
Memorial Day: remembering theose who servedpic

Memorial Day: remembering theose who served

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bristol Township, PA And each man stands with his face in the light of his own drawn sword. Ready to do what a hero…

Derek Miller's Die Cast Mosaics: American Dreams

As a youngster in grade school, an art teacher once told my class that "art is making something extraordinary from the ordinary." As a kid…
oldfolkster May 25, 2009