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The Barbie Bandits

nbsp;I submitted this photo shoot to a couple magaines and didnt get accepted. Its ok though I love this photo shoot from my new line…
thecottoncandypunk Aug 01, 2014

Win a Meet-and-Greet w/ Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn at Project Runway Finale from Groupon

Who wants to win two tickets to the season finale of Project Runway for a meet-and-greet with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn? I bet we…
Glasgow Skinner
Glasgow Skinner Jul 31, 2014

Welcome to the Loser Club

nbsp;The loser club is for those of us on the outskirts of mainstream sociaty, for those of us who simply dont fit  in. No matter…

Fashion Whore a Fashion Show

nbsp;Last saturday I was lucky enought to be welcomed to showcase my summer collection at yet another May-Star fashion whore fashion show in San Diego…
thecottoncandypunk Jun 27, 2014
7 maravilhas do mundo:pic

7 maravilhas do mundo:

1- dormir 2- descansar os olhos 3- cochilar 4- tirar uma soneca 5- puxar um ronco 6- capotar na cama 7- nanarrr!   Meu dia se resume assim, preguiçoso como sempre, ahhh preguiça…
Alicee Jun 17, 2014
How to create Horse Fencing Plastic Fencing ? - Think Fencingpic

How to create Horse Fencing & Plastic Fencing ? - Think Fencing

Think Fencing is the major Horse Fencing provide and developed organization in Australia. Every product is a result of careful, inspired thinking and a solid…
thinkfencing Jun 13, 2014
Makeup Revolution: Scandalous Vamppic

Makeup Revolution: Scandalous Vamp
Post and Rail fencing - Commercial Maintenance Free Fencingpic

Post and Rail fencing - Commercial Maintenance Free Fencing

Although vinyl fencing was originally manufactured to provide horse owners with safe, durable fencing, the benefits of environmentally friendly PVC fencing are now available in…
thinkfencing May 23, 2014

Sheer Realness Summer 2014 Collection

Keep it reaal this summer!  Sheer Realness SUmmer 2014 Collection by Cotton Candy Punk Couture Instagram@CottonCandyPunkCouture
thecottoncandypunk May 22, 2014


Bah.. baita tempo sem postar...=x Estava vendo as postagens anteriores dizendo que eu ia voltar mais vezes... Cadê ? Cadê a Nanda postando ? hauhuahuahuahhaxD Ando com preguiça de…
Nanda Viana
Nanda Viana May 18, 2014