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Hello Kitty is a twinkling-eyed cartoonish character which is invented and promoted by a Japanese campany called Sanrio in 1974. Sanrio is famous for their adorable and cute cartoon characters, which Hello Kitty is one of them along with others such as Keroppi, Melody...etc. This line of cute little characters soon attracted millions of people around the world, first started in the US then spread very quickly to the Asian countries, then the rest of the world. Hello Kitty is the most successful out of all the Sanrio characters.

Hello Kitty has produced different products all around the world, in which they include wallets, watches, clothing, fabrics, Polaroid camera, portable cd players/steros, hankerchiefs, different stationaries, cutlerys, lunchboxes, puppets, the list goes on and on. In Japan, the car company Mira also built a Hello Kitty car, even Hello Kitty cellure phones are available.

Hello Kitty Profile


Kitty White


November 1st, 1974


Suburban London, England


Kitty lives in a red roof little white house at a suburban town 20km from London. The name of the town is unknown, but the population is roughly around 20,000. It takes about 25 minutes to get there by car, and about 30 minutes by bus.

Blood Type



Same as 3 apples!


Same as 5 apples!

Star Sign


Favourite color


Favourite food

Apple pie (baked by mama). However, she also likes hot cakes, puddings and other sweet things like candy.

Favourite School Subjects

English and Music

What she likes (hobbies)

Small, cute things like herself. For example, Hello Kitty likes collecting little stars, little goldfishes, lollies and as many ribbons as possible as decorations. She also likes to go to nearby park or forest with friends. In her spare time, she like to visit the candy store too. Kitty loves candies.

What makes Hello Kitty attractive?

What attracts the most is her red ribbon on the top left ear, and her fluffy round ball shaped tail.

What kind of boys does Kitty attract to?

Hello Kitty likes kind and friendly boys. Hello Kitty's first love is Dear Daniel, but since Dear Daniel had to go to Africa with his parents, the boy Hello Kitty likes right now is Tippy, her classmate at school.


Very happy and cheerful, very energetic. She loves to go outside, play in the park, or the forest. She loves to meet new people and make new friends, therefore she is extremely popular at school! Since dad works at New York, hence she also has lot of teddy bears friends. She loves music, especially piano. You might even find her playing her piano or baking an apple pie with mama. She loves sport too, her favorite sport is tennis.

Hello Kitty's School

Hello Kitty's school is on the way to Londan, which is 4km from Hello Kitty's home. It's a beautiful school with trees and animals surrounding the school. Hello Kitty and Mimi take bus to school together every morning, it only takes 3 stops before they get to school. The teachers always greet the two kitties when they arrive, they are surely the most popular at school.

Where are Kitty's grandparents?

Hello Kitty's grandparents live in a forest, which to get there it takes a whole day travelling on foot. Hello Kitty's dad often takes Kitty, Mimi and the rest of the family to visit them.

Favorite toothpaste?

Hello Kitty loves to brush her teeth with strawberry toothpaste, she just cannot resist the sweet strawberry smell

Travelling around

Hello Kitty has a tricycle which she uses to travel around her neighbourhood, to go to shopping, also to travel to the nearby part to play with her friends.


Be a pianist or a poet

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