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Welcome FanFic writers and readers. Come post your stories here!

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Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 7]

After i had finished eating i grabbed my handbag and car keys and heaped out the door and to my car, i got in and…
laurahhhgrace Apr 12, 2014

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 6]

I just got off the phone with Adam from our lable and he agreed about recording some songs to release to the fans. "ok guys we…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 5]

That night i ended up falling asleep on the red couch located in my lounge room, it was comfy so it didn't matter to me.  I…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 4]

After leaving the Cafe we piled into Jeremy's car who drove me back home. Once Jeremy pulled up in my Jeremy way he turned to…
laurahhhgrace Mar 19, 2014

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 3]

Not too long after me and Taylor finished filming a little video of us mucking around with a song for the fans, there was a…
laurahhhgrace Feb 28, 2014

One of the boys *work in progress novel*

Hi everyone :) So I've been working on this for a while now and I wasnt actually going to post it anywhere but today I became…

Ain't It Fun [CHAPTER 2]

Taylor's POV Hayley just sung me a song she wrote last night and it was really good although it was totally about Josh but i guess…
laurahhhgrace Feb 12, 2014

Lost Kitten [Chapter One]

My eyes grew wide as I looked up at the tour bus that sat right out along the curb. I couldn't help but to feel…

Ain't It Fun. [CHAPTER 1]

It's been a month sincce Josh and Zac left Paramore and all the drama that came with it, it still has me down, i haven't…

Like We Used To (Songfic) Part 1

Yes! i finally get to post this. Ugh I was having trouble trying to post this yesterday because of the freakin internet connection that keeps…