This is a group for everyone who loves Fall Out...more»
This is a group for everyone who loves Fall Out Boy. You can post and view videos, pictures, fanfictions, poems, anything. It dosent have to be JUST Fall Out Boy either, it can be FOB's managers, tour photos, clandestine, you know....anything FOB related.

Say What?! Fall Out Boy Release "Rat A Tat" Video

FINALLY! After a long wait, Fall Out Boy have posted a trailer yesterday for their new music video off The Youngblood Chronicles, for the song "Rat A Tat" featuring the…
EdIsAGenius Mar 06, 2014

Say What?! New Fall Out Boy Video

Holy guacamole! Fall Out Boy have released today on VevoUK the brand new video from The Young Blood Chronicles. The seventh part of the chronicles is with the…
EdIsAGenius Dec 02, 2013

Say What?! New Fall Out Boy 'Just One Yesterday' Music VIdeo & EP

Sup pals?! Yes, you read that right. Fall Out Boy are not just releasing their brand new music video for the song "Just One Yesterday" feat. Foxes from The Young…
EdIsAGenius Oct 14, 2013
I'm going on tour...pic

I'm going on tour...

With my favorite band ever,¬†Fall Out Boy. On tour, like, following them as they travel Europe and UK next March. Wembley Arena in London is…
EdIsAGenius Oct 04, 2013

Say What?! Big Fall Out Boy News

Hey! You know it, Fall Out Boy have teased us about new song/record worked on with Ryan Adams. News are out now! The band have released a…
EdIsAGenius Sep 30, 2013

Say What?! New Fall Out Boy Video

Here it is! As announced yesterday, Fall Out Boy habe released few minutes ago their brand new music video for the song "The Mighty Fall (ft. Big…
EdIsAGenius Aug 29, 2013
The Young Blood Chronicles recap 2vid

The Young Blood Chronicles recap #2

Fall Out Boy have announced on their instagram yesterday that the band's new video for "The Mighty Fall" featuring Big Sean would be released this week…
EdIsAGenius Aug 28, 2013

Say What?! Fall Out Boy Recording Live Document

After announcing few weeks ago a new live CD recorded in Tokyo (pre-order on Amazon (price to be fixed... I hope)), Fall Out Boy – Pete Wentz actually…
EdIsAGenius Aug 24, 2013

When Bands 'Cover' Their Own Songs

Readers of my blog will be familiar with 'Covers Wars' when bands battle against each other playing different versions of the same song. But what…
Alone Together Music Videovid

"Alone Together" Music Video

And, here it is! After annoucing the release of the new video few days ago, Fall Out Boy have revealed the video for their song "Alone Together"…
EdIsAGenius Jul 01, 2013