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This group is for all of us that love to...more»
This group is for all of us that love to draw!

It doesn't matter if you're a good drawer or a bad drawer, all that matters is that you enjoy drawing. Talk to other group members, learn new stuff, comment other drawings! Just have fun.

We will set up contest now and then, and we're trying to get it better :)

The owners are Tonje (xtussix) and Maria (mthows1) and if there's anything you want to ask, just go ahead. We don't bite!

Welcome to this group, be nice to each other, and most important; Keep drawing! :D

(Both hand drawings and drawings by computer, like photoshop ect. is allowed. In contest it will be made sure if both or just one of the options are allowed)

Last of uspic

Last of us

I finally have time and need to draw so I chose some things to practise. It's Ellise from The Last of Us game. Its only…
Tommorow Aug 09, 2014
and every colour illuminatespic

and every colour illuminates

I need colours in my life. I have a hard time. text - Spectrum by Florence + The machine. Wish you splendid weekend!
Tommorow May 01, 2013
Sugar Plum Fairypic

Sugar Plum Fairy

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting lately. School is really busy at the moment. I found some time to draw again though. Right now…
enelya Nov 05, 2012
night owlpic
stiched4life Aug 14, 2012
baby brbrpic
All wraped uppic
stiched4life Aug 03, 2012
stiched4life Aug 03, 2012