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Dear Ladies Avenged

~If I offened, well this I regret ~Can you please take some pix ~Of Sevenfold Dix ~and Post them up on the Net ~Is Johnny's Big? ~Is Zacky's Fat? ~I hope…

"SEIZE THE DAY" (M. Shadows) Chapter 4: Guitar Hero 2 Battle and A Visit from a Friend [fanfic]

Chapter 4: Guitar Hero 2 Battle and A Visit from a Friend Week 2 Sat 8:30 As usual, in the morning my alarm in my…

Headbangers Ball 2008 (A7x)!

I would like to announce that A7x has made it to third place on the Headbangers Ball. THANK U EVERYONE!!!! ------ Here are the results…
reaperofthefallen Dec 21, 2008

Avenged Sevendfold Was So Awesome!!!!!!

Last night was amazing. I walk in the show ans Matt Berry is selling Merch. I bought a Hat, but I talked to him for…
USC performing A7X and Offspringvid

USC performing A7X and Offspring

The Spirit of Troy's halftime show with "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" by The Offspring and "Almost Easy" by Avenged Sevenfold at the game against…

Search with Avenged Sevenfold and win prizes

Go to: Register and start searching with A7X. Earn swag bucks to get Avenged Sevenfold prizes and more!
reaperofthefallen Nov 17, 2008
Syn looking cute with Two Cuties. Dpic

For All Avenged Sevenfold Fans READ THIS!!!! PLEASE!

Please AVENGED SEVENFOLD FANS go to fuse. tv then click on the music tab on the top´╗┐ click on BEst VIDEOof 2008Vote for Avenged SevenfoldWE…
reaperofthefallen Nov 14, 2008


They look so hot! True RockStars.
Matt, Johnny, Matt and JB Dizpic