David's Divas

This is a group dedicated to Simple Plan's Beautiful...more»
This is a group dedicated to Simple Plan's Beautiful bassist David Phillipe Desrosiers. ♥This is a group dedicated to Simple Plan's Beautiful bassist David Phillipe Desrosiers

If you're gonna start shit we'll delete your ass. Don't think we won't. - Carly

Hello All, here at this group we are ALL fans of David. But please, No "Back off girls HE'S MINE!" Or "Shut the hell up bitches! I'm His wife 4eva!" If we get ANY of that sort of obsessing We WILL delete you without hesitation. And i'm not saying that obsessing over David is wrong (cuz it's not!) But we don't wany any pesky fights going around. Have Fun. ;)

Yeah. What Becca said.... But what she REALLY meant to say was be nice or your ass is gone. :) (I'm not really a bitch. I just felt like cussing a lot.) -Carly... again.

I'm with Carly and Becky. Lets just say please be nice. No bad things about our wonderful David, Now lets enjoy our wonderful group that will hopefuly flourish on and on. ~Jackie~

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RuinGloria - BandPage | Facebook

Hey Guys!!! Heres a link to our bandpage on facebook which has 3 new tracks from our upcoming album. We would LOVE for you guys to…
ruingloria Jul 06, 2011
still in love with him :Dpic
David :pic

so rad or so bad

So I was wondering people's opinions on "scene queens" like the buzzmakers Hanna beth, Audrey Kitching Raquel Reed, Ali Barone, Jac Vanek, Zui Suicdie,Strawberry you…
mikeysgirl Nov 21, 2007
One of my favorite Simple Plan picspic
Simple Plan and Tom Hankspic
David Desrosiers from Simple Planpic

Who in your oppinion is hotter??

Niamh thinks Jamie is the sexiest while I think its Mikey and Orla thinks its Wendy
mikeysgirl Oct 14, 2007
Shut Upvid

Shut Up

A Simple Plan video off their second album Still Not Getting Any.


I admire his make up skills....