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Angel was born on December 19. Raised in East Meadow, New York and is of Greek descent. Angel grew up loving music (playing drums, flute and accordion) and has always had an interest in magic. His parents are John and Dimitra Sarantakos. He has two brothers, Costa and JD, as well as two cats, Minx and Hammy (short for Hamlet). One of Criss's biggest influences has been his father, who died from stomach cancer. Criss Angel first became interested in magic at the age 6, when his Aunt Stella showed him a card trick. Two of his biggest magic influences are Harry Houdini and Aldo Richiardi.. As a teenager, Angel performed at birthday parties, at night clubs, at home to entertain his family, and at private events. Early in his magic career, magician James Randi designed Angel's professional business card. He played in an Industrial music band called AngelDust with friend Klayton Scott ( Celldweller, Argyle Park )who produced, co-wrote and helped arrange the music for his show, Mindfreak.

About Criss Angel MindFreak (show)...Mystifier Criss Angel transcends tradition and has created a new form of extreme entertainment that he calls “Mindfreak”. Think Harry Houdini meets Cirque d’Soleil meets Fear Factor and you’ll have a pretty good sense of what this show is all about. In each episode Criss literally defies reality and puts his life on the line. From catching a real bullet in his teeth to levitating people on the street to having himself burned alive, each show will be packed with things that boggle the imagination. To prove the credibility of his demonstrations, they are all performed live in public spaces in front of real pedestrians rather than on a stage before an audience. The show will offer a totally unique glimpse behind the scenes as Criss prepares and trains with his team to execute each demonstration. One of the most compelling elements of the show is witnessing his real family’s unfiltered reaction to the crazy risks he takes. Go to Criss Angel.Com to read more about Criss Angel and his show. Taken from Criss Angel Offical MySpace Page

Beginning when he was six years old, Criss Angel immersed himself in a multitude of art forms, exploring different types of creative endeavors from performance artist and musician to mystifier and provocateur. A relentless work ethic combined with enormous talent, skill and vision propelled Criss into the spotlight - he is now recognized as one of the most provocative artists of our day. From creator, producer and performer in his television series and specials to his live shows, soundtracks, other music and book, he has redefined the term artist for the 21st century. Read More

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Me and Criss Angel 6.7.09 :Dpic

Me and Criss Angel 6.7.09 :D

Taken at the Big Bear Choppers Facility after seeing filming for mindfreak season 5! :]


This is just a self-reminder:   In the magazine, the first thank you is to Criss! For inspiring me to keep going even though my mother…
Criss is amazing!pic

Criss is amazing!

this picture of Criss really poped out at me,

Does Canadian Government even care ?

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OMG has anyone seen Criss' new beard? I wish he would just shave that off!!!!
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