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Part class, part experiment. I'm gonna try to help people...more»
Part class, part experiment. I'm gonna try to help people out with photography if they want.

Tutorials and links will be posted as I come across them.
Every 2 weeks we'll have another photo assignment.

I want to start with the basics on how to take a good picture and then expand. Macro, landscape, night shots, sports/action. Whatever people are interested in I'll try and help you out. Depending on what you have access to it'll go through camera settings, processing on your computer and even some specific tricks like slow sync flash, light writing and composites.

While I'm not a professional photographer I do have a good number of years experience and have led informal classes before.

If you're looking to take better shots, even just casually pick up some tips, this is for you. If you want a workshop environment to talk to people, sign up.

If you want to cam-whore yourself but can't get that double shin to go away, don't bother coming here. (The trick is to hold the camera higher and look up, by the way.)

All You Need Is...pic
Ashly Apr 07, 2011
Early Birdpic
Ashly Apr 07, 2011
Ashly Apr 07, 2011
Fly Awaypic
Ashly Apr 07, 2011
Ashly Apr 07, 2011
A Little Princess :Dpic

A Little Princess :D

My nephew playing on a playground
emperoroficecream Sep 07, 2010
Cotton Ballpic

Cotton Ball

A white soft cute cotton ball under a cotton tree in Bogor Botanical Garden :)
And the rainbow seems to be at my fingertips.pic

And the rainbow seems to be at my fingertips.

I noticed how much i adore the outdoors recently. As a kid, i never wanted to be outside, now i can't get enough of it…
I'm boredpic

I'm bored

And I posted a photo but it didn't cure my boredom so here's another. So...sup?? ok now I'm going to go play Sims 3


Random picture, not brilliant oh well. Anyways everyone who sees this should go congratulate Jacob, aka HappyCloud, on becoming an OG :)