Buzznet Secret Santa

Because everyone loves getting presents from complete strangers. Click here for...more»
Because everyone loves getting presents from complete strangers.

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Secret Santa present!pic

Secret Santa present!

I got a great present from Mariela! I got heaps of cool stuff - a mix tape, some jewellery, lollies, hair clips, etc. I am really…
Christmas Eve!pic

Christmas Eve!

Hey Buzznet! I wasn't sure whether or not I was coming home yesterday afternoon or this morning, but then I got stuck working an unexpected double…
Rhianna Dec 24, 2012

my loot from secret santa

my loot from the lovely ikky  thank you! i love all of it 
Eilish. Dec 13, 2012
Buzznet Secret Santa!pic

Buzznet Secret Santa!

Today I recieved my Buzznet Secret Santa box from the lovely Emma Bee! The package included a dinosaur coloring book (COOLEST THING EVER), crayons, an aligator…
ravenmariee Dec 10, 2012
My secret santa gift!pic

My secret santa gift!

i had Rhianna as my secret santa and her gift is so made of win! i hope who i got loves hers just as much!…
Buzznet Secret Santavid
Hey Buzznet!vid

Hey Buzznet!

It iz me. So strange to hear my voice, I sound weird. Yep, so this is for Buzznet Secret Santa... WOOT! 9/12/2012 :)
pishelle Sep 12, 2012

Buzznet Secret Santa: Presenting Present-fest 2012

It's that time of year when I return to buzznet and get onto the business of coordinating the annual orgy of christmas gifts from strangers…
Buzznet Secret Santa 2011pic

Buzznet Secret Santa 2011

I spent the day in Oskosh with my two best friends yesterday, and as soon as I got home, I had to leave to babysit…
Rhianna Dec 10, 2011
Amyjoebloggs - Secret Santavid

Amyjoebloggs - Secret Santa

Apologies for the delay, please don't put me on the naughty list just yet. I'm happy with posting anywhere in the world. EDIT: It appears that…
amyjoebloggs Oct 06, 2011