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Puppy Benchpic

Puppy Bench

I know I said that I would post my flying blog tonight, but I got home much too late!  So, this is the bench that…
CANDLE 9 hrs ago
Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshinepic

Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshine

Up on Plumstone moor - it looks and smells wonderful there now with all the gorse and heather in bloom and there are still lots…
annier 21 hrs ago
Meet Majorpic

Meet Major

Kay and I went into Pet Supplies while we were in Petoskey on Monday!  While we were there we met this BEAUTIFUL show dog named…
CANDLE Sep 17, 2014
It's a hard life !pic

It's a hard life !

Hovis fast asleep on my sofa - he likes to be under a blanket and rearranges the chair covers to suit him !
annier Sep 15, 2014
Hovis found a dragon !pic

Hovis found a dragon !

On newgale beach early this morning. I think it was made yesterday but as its above the high waterline it was still more or less intact.
annier Aug 04, 2014
Poor Hovispic

Poor Hovis

It was so hot a couple of days ago I decided to give Hovis a bath to freshen him up - he is NOT keen…
annier Jul 29, 2014
Help - the sea is coming to get me!pic

Help - the sea is coming to get me!

The tide was coming in fast the other day when we were on the beach - Hovis got caught out !
annier Jul 15, 2014


My friend Sue throwing frisbee and ball for her lovely greyhounds Elgar and Hebe , on Newgale beach this morning.
annier Jul 07, 2014
Hovis and the clownpic

Hovis and the clown

We went back to my friend's house for coffee after a beach walk this morning - and Hovis jumped up on to the clown's couch…
annier Jul 04, 2014
Me too please!pic

Me too please!

Hovis asking very politely if he can have a treat too!
annier Jun 26, 2014