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Poor Hovispic

Poor Hovis

It was so hot a couple of days ago I decided to give Hovis a bath to freshen him up - he is NOT keen…
annier Jul 29, 2014
Help - the sea is coming to get me!pic

Help - the sea is coming to get me!

The tide was coming in fast the other day when we were on the beach - Hovis got caught out !
annier Jul 15, 2014


My friend Sue throwing frisbee and ball for her lovely greyhounds Elgar and Hebe , on Newgale beach this morning.
annier Jul 07, 2014
Hovis and the clownpic

Hovis and the clown

We went back to my friend's house for coffee after a beach walk this morning - and Hovis jumped up on to the clown's couch…
annier Jul 04, 2014
Me too please!pic

Me too please!

Hovis asking very politely if he can have a treat too!
annier Jun 26, 2014
Look out - he's behind you!pic

Look out - he's behind you!

There were two of these lovely dogs on the beach this morning -  some sort of European Sheepdog breed I think. Hovis was so busy…
annier Jun 23, 2014
Hot Hovispic

Hot Hovis

Out on the cliffs near Solva. The weather has been lovely for the last week or so - warm and sunny but with a nice…
annier Jun 19, 2014
Hovis and elephantpic

Hovis and elephant

Resting on top of the sofa together !
annier May 30, 2014


Poor Hovis - Tilly the terrier - or Tilly the terrorist as we call her - strikes again ! Hovis is very patient with her…
annier May 27, 2014


Hovis relaxing in the sun at the weekend . on the cliffs above Newgale beach.
annier May 19, 2014