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Fabi has had her summer haircut !pic

Fabi has had her summer haircut !

Hovis's friend Fabi had her summer clip yesterday - the top photo taken 2 days ago .
annier 6 hrs ago
Still standing!pic

Still standing!

I'm quite surprised the doggy peeing post is still upright - who ever put it there did a good job! Its just on the high water…
annier Apr 17, 2014
Hovis in the bluebellspic

Hovis in the bluebells

We went for a walk in Brandybrook woods this morning on a lovely sunny day. When I was there last week no bluebells were in…
annier Apr 15, 2014
My stickpic

My stick

Hovis found a BIG stick! Someone had take the trouble to stand this large heavy piece of driftwood up on the beach - and all the…
annier Apr 14, 2014
Doggy wrestlingpic

Doggy wrestling

It was cold and grey on the beach this morning but Hovis and Tilly played nx !
annier Mar 28, 2014
Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !pic

Most dogs bring a ball or a stick for you to throw for them !

But Bernie brought me a turnip! Bernie belongs to Sarah who I am riding with in previous photo. When I arrived on the yard he came…
annier Mar 20, 2014
The Smoochiepic

The Smoochie

Our little addition has taken to sitting on the same pillow that my head is on!  She makes for a very cute hat!  It took…
CANDLE Mar 18, 2014
Curiouser And Curiouser.pic

Curiouser And Curiouser.

Yesterday Tubby, Pigjangles, and I spent our time in the backyard for a few hours and I managed to snap this shot of Tubby! I'm…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Mar 12, 2014
L'il Smoochiepic

L'il Smoochie

She is growing quickly now that she is feeling better!  It is funny because Robyn is refusing to eat her food in favor of the…
CANDLE Mar 10, 2014
Jenny relaxingpic

Jenny relaxing

Friends' dog Jenny likes to just sit in the sea - brrrrr! Even though it was a sunny day last week it was definitely NOT…
annier Mar 03, 2014