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Buzznet Movie World is a group for movie obsessed Buzzneters for them to unendingly discuss and share anything related to movies e.g. post their own reviews and lists, talk about movie soundtracks, Oscar buzz, hot actors and actress.

Come Join us this is going to be a blockbuster ride!


We want freaks and fans. Will talk genre, upcoming releases, directors. Plus, join us in the actors' lounge for discussions on your favorite actors and actresses, performances, dream roles.

Please feel free to post your own forum topics at will : )

Chosen 1vid

Chosen 1

Scary!! Share this with the rest of society!! When you do, you have done your part....The End is NEAR!
miiahzz Nov 26, 2014


For all those that lost someone special to death.. MA LA CHI PRODUCTIONS CANT DENY GREATNESS
miiahzz Jul 02, 2014

The Oscars Best Picture PARODY

Here you are. You're video parody of the 86th Academy Awards! The 86th Academy Awards aka The Oscars are sunday so I thought I'd make a…
Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan Feb 26, 2014

Movie Inspiration:Oz the Great and Powerful

Last time I look wonderful film Oz the Great and Terrible . I like movies based on fairy tales and The Wizard of Oz they…
Katy Bambie
Katy Bambie Feb 20, 2014

Vrilbert Derck - I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry Cover

Hello my dear! I recorded the audio from one of my tests this week and decided to post this here for you to hear. Again…
nicoladerck Feb 04, 2014
Happy New Year Bitches!pic

New Projects

Hello my dear. Well, as you can see, I was a long time without updating my Buzznet. The reason for all this was that I needed…
nicoladerck Dec 07, 2013


I wouldve done da same thing in dis situation,,,,,Would U??? Show this 2 ur fam 4 da holidays and see the reaction they get wen…
miiahzz Nov 26, 2013

Listen: New Song From Lady Gaga “Venus”

Lady Gaga has officially released today, 27 the full audio of her new song, "Venus". Listen; "Venus" will be part of the album "ARTPOP" and came…
nicoladerck Oct 27, 2013
Webster ave.vid

Webster ave.

Pigz be bored in NY..... Caught on Cam!
miiahzz Oct 20, 2013