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I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family...more»
I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family can come together with our family of origin! Please post everything from your old black and whites of your grandparents to your little cousin covered in birthday cake! It can be a photo, blog, video, link to a family site, or anything else that I can't think of ! Please be sure to tell us how you are related to those that we post! I have invited all of my friends to join, and would love it if you spread the news that this group exists! (:

I will get things started with this photo of my son Jordan spending some of his leave with my niece Grace!

Kindle este dispozitivul potrivit pentru tine

// Widgets Dispozitivul este perfect pentru persoanele care calatoresc mult, avand o greuate de doar 165 de grame si dimensiuni care permit ca acesta sa…
vasilebogdan Oct 21, 2014
Birthday Beautypic

Birthday Beauty

Tuesday was Kay's birthday!  We started out with birthday breakfast at McDees like always! Sadly, a nosy cousin of mine, who means well and I…
CANDLE Oct 09, 2014

Birthday Time

Hi there!  You know that my birthday was Monday because I posted photos of that day of celebrations, but tonight was my party with the…
CANDLE Oct 04, 2014
Birthday Lunchpic

Birthday Lunch

It is official !!!  I am 47 years old today!  My dad took me out to lunch, just the 2 of us, to celebrate!  We…
CANDLE Sep 29, 2014

Cadouri de sarbatori pentru copii: consola Playstation

Sarbatorile de iarna se apropie cu pasi repezi, iar cei mici abia asteapta sa vada ce surprize le va face Mos Craciun in acest an…
vasilebogdan Sep 29, 2014

Ce nu stiai despre felicitarile de Craciun

Felicitarile de Craciun sunt mici atentii care insotesc adesea cadourile de sezon pe care le oferim celor dragi. Desi pot fi oferite si ca atare…
vasilebogdan Sep 29, 2014

How I fullfilled my little dream - trip to Sandomierz

As I told you many times, we have so many little cities, towns around in Poland worth seeing it is marvellous. This time I went with…
Tommorow Sep 28, 2014
Uncle Loupic

Uncle Lou

You all know my Uncle Lou because he used to post here on Buzznet regularly!  My cousin and her bf just bought their own home…
CANDLE Sep 26, 2014
week 40 Hello sadnesspic

week #40 Hello sadness

I am so tired that I get angry easily and I dont know how. I guess it's just the beginnings. People at work are really…
Tommorow Sep 23, 2014

From my random holidays

Sorry for not commenting, I dont know what I do with my time. I take lots of photos. And here's quick journal with some of…
Tommorow Sep 10, 2014