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I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family...more»
I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family can come together with our family of origin! Please post everything from your old black and whites of your grandparents to your little cousin covered in birthday cake! It can be a photo, blog, video, link to a family site, or anything else that I can't think of ! Please be sure to tell us how you are related to those that we post! I have invited all of my friends to join, and would love it if you spread the news that this group exists! (:

I will get things started with this photo of my son Jordan spending some of his leave with my niece Grace!

From my random holidays

Sorry for not commenting, I dont know what I do with my time. I take lots of photos. And here's quick journal with some of…
Tommorow Sep 10, 2014

Anorexia Is Not A Trend

"My name is Kaitlyn, I’m 19 years old, and I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder for almost 2 years. I struggled mainly with…
Forbidden Sep 03, 2014
Precious Boypic

Precious Boy

I didn't tell Gary to say "cheese" or pose like I  usually do!  I just started snapping photos of him at play!  I know this…
CANDLE Aug 23, 2014
Happy Birthdaypic

Happy Birthday

to the BEST brother EVER!!!  They make the cutest couple ever!  We had a nice little party to celebrate Andy's birthday!  The kids were all…
CANDLE Aug 21, 2014
Shooting Some Hoopspic

Shooting Some Hoops

This 6 foot 1 inch man that you see before you was once my baby boy! It amazes me that he is about to start…
CANDLE Aug 17, 2014

My Journey: From Suffering To Dreams

I have too many secrets. Often living with them paralyzes me and cuts my weak wings. For some time sad past comes back to me…
Forbidden Aug 15, 2014

My beloved forest

With special dedication to @candl1988 Lory, who reminded me that I haven't posted much of my forest for a longer time! :-) I really love taking photos…
Tommorow Aug 08, 2014
My Oldestpic

My Oldest

I really shouldn't pose for photos on days where I wear NO make up! (:  I don't care!  It was GREAT to spend the day…
CANDLE Aug 07, 2014
Jordan's Promotionpic

Jordan's Promotion

Jordan got promoted today!  This is his Sergeant and Company Commander pinning him!  I am SO proud of my son! (: I had a super chill…
CANDLE Aug 04, 2014
Hello! Week 31pic

Hello! Week #31

Hello It's my new friend Nikon and 'he' made me happy. After all those years of watching other people's having fun and trying to create…
Tommorow Aug 04, 2014