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I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family...more»
I am creating this group so that our Buzznet family can come together with our family of origin! Please post everything from your old black and whites of your grandparents to your little cousin covered in birthday cake! It can be a photo, blog, video, link to a family site, or anything else that I can't think of ! Please be sure to tell us how you are related to those that we post! I have invited all of my friends to join, and would love it if you spread the news that this group exists! (:

I will get things started with this photo of my son Jordan spending some of his leave with my niece Grace!

#BuzzneterLife: This Is Me

Let me show you something. I'm a shy girl but sometimes I need to say a loud about my life. And I thought about showing…
Forbidden Apr 17, 2014
Gary's First Songvid

Gary's First Song

I know videos aren't popular on here, but I got Gary to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!  Plz watch it!  I think it is SO…
CANDLE Apr 15, 2014

Your Spirit, Your Place

Hi there Buzznetters!  I have had a very busy, but very good week!  I can't believe it is Friday already, and that another weekend has…
CANDLE Apr 11, 2014

My 2 Year Buzziversary!

Days, weeks, months and years now. I’m here and I see how this time changed me. Today it’s unique day to me. I’m on Buzznet…
Forbidden Apr 11, 2014
Happy Birthday Trevorpic

Happy Birthday Trevor

We took this when we dropped him back off at his home!  We had a wonderful lunch to celebrate Trevor's birthday!  We went to Applebee's! …
CANDLE Apr 10, 2014


I took this photo when I got home from shopping I have no idea why but I liked my hair yesterday and wanted to see…
BIZARRELAND Apr 09, 2014
Funny Face!pic

Funny Face!

At lunch on Friday the boys were making silly faces, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting!  When they were done making funny faces…
CANDLE Apr 05, 2014

Happy Birthday James #5

My amazing nephew named James Albert had his 5th birthday last week, and you know what that means... BIRTHDAY BLOG TIME! We had the party on…
CANDLE Apr 01, 2014
Gurl's Night Outpic

Gurl's Night Out

After I picked Kay up from work tonight, we headed down to Alanson so we could dine at Subway!  The girl who made our sandwiches…
CANDLE Mar 31, 2014

My trip to Zakopane - Chocholowska valley

Hi, I needed, just needed to share my beautiful trip with you. I've fulfilled my little dream to see one amazing place with lots of…
Tommorow Mar 27, 2014