A Story behind every photo

This is a group about story and about photo and...more»
This is a group about story and about photo and picture.
A story can bring into being a photo and a photo can bring into being a story.

This is your group, you're free so you can afford you to tell story about a photo or put a photo about a story. From a simple story about photo, to a recipe about a dish photo. Even a photo about fashion speakind about clothes, color... You get it?

This can be your neighbour, your cat, your model, a photo of a text with a reflexion behind...
Just one thing: everything is possible if a word is hid behind ;-)

Drowning in Flowerspic

Drowning in Flowers

Happy Saturday,   Here is a sneak peek of shoot I finally got to do. I dont have any of the photos yet besides this one. I'm…
Faith Lorna
Faith Lorna Mar 29, 2014
bonjour mademoisellepic
Time bombpic
chillin like a villanpic
hello operator?pic
scum bum
scum bum Mar 11, 2014
all smilespic
Nada como um dia.pic

Nada como um dia.

Após o outro.
Alicee Feb 24, 2014

Ê insatisfação|!

Espero que tudo isso passe logo, não passando eu boto pra passar... 
Alicee Feb 19, 2014

Photo Blog - Fragments of a Boudoir

I`ve done a themed photoshoot a little while ago for fun, but just got to the point where I`m showing it to you all because…
dora Feb 15, 2014
Happy valentinespic