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This is a place for all artists [or even non-artists] to either talk about or post pictures/videos of all kinds of art, whether it's a photograph or a recording of a good local band you saw. Please don't bash on someone's picture/band just because that isn't your kind of thing.


be a deerpic

Exclusive Interview With Neeshabetha Lanithro Lomtev

I’m so honored to interview Neeshabetha Lanithro Lomtev. She is an awesome designer, singer, songwriter and blogger from London. I believe that you know her…
Forbidden Aug 07, 2014
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make a wishpic

Exclusive Interview With Kelsy Karter

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kelsy Karter. She is an Australian soul/pop musician and songwriter living in Los Angeles. I believe that you…
Forbidden Jun 25, 2014
Heaven Sphere, Gloried Lights in Paradise and Love's majesty available online and in bookstores-- uplifting!!!pic

New: Young Forever(Lost In Dreams)

Hey Friends, I want to share with you my new lyrics, called "Young Forever( Lost In Dreams)". These lyrics are important to me. I know…
Forbidden Jun 21, 2014
grass facepic
Crescer o cabelo!vid

Crescer o cabelo!

#hair #cebola #alternative #cute #dog
dookiewoop Jun 18, 2014
Making of photoshoot fashionvid

Making of photoshoot fashion

#Unisinos #Poa #photoshoot #androgyne #androgynous  
dookiewoop Jun 18, 2014