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This is a place for all artists [or even non-artists] to either talk about or post pictures/videos of all kinds of art, whether it's a photograph or a recording of a good local band you saw. Please don't bash on someone's picture/band just because that isn't your kind of thing.


Face web drawing by Nefertarapic

Face web drawing by Nefertara

marker drawing i did this morning.
Nefertara Nov 11, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Micah BlackLight

nbsp;   I watched a unique video a few months ago. It was about Micah BlackLight, an unrepeatable artist. His energy inspired me. His art enthused me…
Forbidden Nov 04, 2014
Dookie no evento animevid

Dookie no evento anime

#cute #fun  
dookiewoop Oct 24, 2014
Dookie 69 Presidentevid

Dookie 69 Presidente

#VemPraSuruba #Eleições #Voto #Brasil
dookiewoop Oct 04, 2014
thank u my little followersvid

thank u my little followers

<3 #Love #You 
dookiewoop Sep 28, 2014
Screamer magazine reviews The Music Industry Self Help Guidepic

Screamer magazine reviews The Music Industry Self Help Guide

Hey artists and bands! Check out this great in-depth review of The Music Industry Self Help Guide in Screamer Magazine.
musicindustryhelpguide Sep 27, 2014

Video; Nicola Derck - I Kissed A Girl (Cover Katy Perry)

Hi guys! I published on my channel on YouTube, the video of the cover I did for the song I Kissed A Girl, the singer…
nicoladerck Sep 21, 2014


#Lol #Funny
dookiewoop Sep 18, 2014
TAG 15 coisas estranhas sobre mimvid

#TAG 15 coisas estranhas sobre mim

#Strange #wishes #androgynous #alternative #up #like #follow  #katyperry #Avril lavigne   #hair  
dookiewoop Sep 04, 2014
Vlog Virgindadevid

#Vlog Virgindade

#Androgynous #hair #cute #alternative
dookiewoop Aug 26, 2014