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WE LOVE ALL ANIMALS!!!! We are against anything or anyone...more»
WE LOVE ALL ANIMALS!!!! We are against anything or anyone who dosnt love animals like us! ^-^ NATURE POWERS OVER ALL!!

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Angry Birds, Big Cats Golden Eggs!vid

Angry Birds, Big Cats & Golden Eggs!

NEW Angry Birds Golden Egg Levels Discovered at Big Cat Rescue! Watch tigers, lions, leopards, cougars and lynx, having fun searching for and DESTROYING their…
bigcatrescue Apr 15, 2014

HI, baby

Começando com:    As carinhas que eu faço pra tirar foto são uma merda, certo dia eu ouvi alguém falar:" A pessoa vai e tira 7298789739 fotos…
☢ Yeterorish ☢
☢ Yeterorish ☢ Nov 02, 2013

YouTube - BIG CAT Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day at Big Cat Rescue... Our volunteers LOVE the tigers, lions, leopards and all the other residents at the sanctuary, so they decided to…
bigcatrescue Feb 06, 2013
Big Cats in Slow Movid

Big Cats in Slow Mo

Big Cats in Slow Motion ... Watching this footage of tigers, lions, leopards and more in slow motion makes you really appreciate their beauty, agility…
bigcatrescue Jan 05, 2013
Big Cat Style! Gangnam Style Parodyvid

Big Cat Style! (Gangnam Style Parody)

Gangnam Style + Tigers!? ... With 2012 coming to an end volunteers at Big Cat Rescue decided to make their own version of this year's…
bigcatrescue Dec 28, 2012
Sand Cat Castle!vid

Sand Cat Castle!

Are Sand Cats the cutest cats in the world? Many of our volunteers and tour guests think so... and thanks to our supporters we can…
bigcatrescue Dec 06, 2012
ACTION ALERT: Backyard Tigersvid

ACTION ALERT: Backyard Tigers

The cute tiger cubs you see at fairs, malls and parking lots will spend their entire lives in tiny cages or will be killed for…
bigcatrescue Sep 12, 2012
Big Cats Eat Watermelons!?vid

Big Cats Eat Watermelons!?

How do Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Cougars like to eat watermelons? Watch this video to find out! Every summer we hand out watermelons to the…
bigcatrescue Aug 13, 2012
Tiger Watching TVvid

Tiger Watching TV

We decided to see if tigers like to watch television? We do everything we can to make our residents comfortable and stimulated while living in…
bigcatrescue Jul 17, 2012
FLAVIO - The World's Oldest Tiger?vid

FLAVIO - The World's Oldest Tiger?

Flavio is a retired circus tiger and to the best of our knowledge he's 23 years old! This could make him the world's oldest living…
bigcatrescue Jun 22, 2012