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Future Interview?

Hey everyone, I'm currently working on getting an interview with a rising rap star so don't think I'm abandoning you again, I'm just working on…
Lithiumrainbow Apr 14, 2014

Madonna is working with Natalia Kills on a couch!

The pop queen Madonna upload a photo to her instagram working late night with singer/songwriter Natalia Kills! Probably, they are writing a new song for…
George's Show
George's Show Apr 10, 2014

Music for your Morning: Emily Wolfe

If there's one voice that is breaking out above the crowd of singer songwriters these past few months, it's Emily Wolfe. You probably heard her…
garlandkellydet Apr 08, 2014

Bands to Watch: Lost in Los Angeles

Today's band to watch is coming to you all the wat from Los Angeles, CA. Lost in Los angeles has been on my subway playlist…
garlandkellydet Apr 07, 2014

NEW MUSIC MONDAY! YouTube's Tessa Violet And Her Debut Album!

Hey guys! Happy monday!  So I have been a fan of YouTube like any other average young-adult. Just because you're soon to be 21 does not…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Apr 07, 2014

Love Crushed Velvet Premieres New Video, "Bye Bye Baby" On

Great new track to kick off the beautiful weekend here in the city! NYC's own Love Crushed Velvet has teamed up with to exclusively premiere their new video,"Bye…
garlandkellydet Apr 03, 2014
'Airplanes' by Naama Kates Mount Cyanide Redux OMLvid

'Airplanes' by Naama Kates Mount Cyanide Redux OML

Hailing from New York but creating music in Los Angeles, electro pop artist Naama Kates has released a music video for her latest single…
musicdish Apr 01, 2014

NEW MUSIC! Jack White Releases New Song For Upcoming Solo Album!

Its been confirmed! Jack White has announced that he will be releasing his new solo album "Lazaretto" (Third Man Records and Columbia) on June 10th…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Apr 01, 2014

Hot off the Press: VINYL THIEF Premiere New Live Music Video for "Slow Down"

Nashville's (and my!) new favorite electro-rock outfit, Vinyl Thief, premiered their new live performance video for Slow Down on Baebel this morning. The video features frontman…
garlandkellydet Apr 01, 2014

Music Monday! Daughter

Hey guys! Happy Monday!  So, for the past month or so I have noticed that I've been listening to a lot of british bands. My playlists…
Chloe Skowron
Chloe Skowron Mar 31, 2014