airhead or assholes

video of a specific or nonspecific type concerning rights, yours...more»
video of a specific or nonspecific type concerning rights, yours mine and the aliens which make us all happy. America is great you can either be happy together, or a part, but be happy

My Songvid

My Song

I have written a short song the lyrics I cannot sing, and play, and watch the video camera at the same time, so I just…
quotelawrence Nov 12, 2012

hummers 6

love my hummers San Jose Ca has a lot of beautiful hummingbirds

Peter Pan Syndrome

"Come with me where you'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again." -Peter I woke up this morning wishing I was Wendy;  Peter would…
007 Sean Connery James Bond and Girlsvid

007 Sean Connery James Bond and Girls

James Bond enjoys a night of watching "Shaken Booty Meat"
quotelawrence Feb 23, 2008


They rhyme girl with world, apricot with gavotte—and that’s when they rhyme at all. Meet pop’s metaphor-twisting, mysticism-spouting, Hallmark-card–quoting bards of banality.  40 • Anthony KiedisThe…

why i love school!

i always think school sucks so i scanned my memory for some brighter side of the institution that aims to clean up  an individual..discovering my…

I need your opinion buzznet citizens!

i have this project in philosophy of man and i just need your opinion..we are told to pick a song or poem to interpret, to…


The sad evening for a homeless person, in the richest area in the world, Santa Clara County, San Jose, Silicon Valley California. everyone seems to…
quotelawrence Jan 25, 2008
zlata wgasvid

zlata w/gas

zlata let's loose during her performance
quotelawrence Jan 13, 2008

Ten Most Immortal Movie Lines

So you heard them over and over again, the lines that was immortalize by the blockbuster wreckers of all time compiled.   10.  "Run Forrest…