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Jeffree Star vs. HannaBeth

'Scene Queens', Jeffree Star and HannaBeth have called it quits on their friendship. This has not been the first of the feuds between the two…

i present this to my dear Adam Carson!

  i present this to my dear Adam, (the best Adam in the world!) and to his fans! :D   god these things are so fun to make! lmao…
La Prum
La Prum Feb 11, 2008

Davey's new hair: What do you think?

As most of you may know, Davey Havok has changed his hair, AGAIN. What do you think of this one?

Audrey or Jeffree?

I'm hearing that Jeffree Star and Audrey Kitching are in a little feud. Whose side are you on?THIS POLL IS OLD NEWS, DON'T TAKE IT.


this really makes me laugh
ghostofaninja Sep 25, 2007

Hannah Montana & HSM Fans on Buzznet

Do you think Hannah Montana & High School Musical Fans belong on buzznet??

Buzznet Layout.

What do u think of the new buzznet design.
daveyxhavok Jul 10, 2007
adam with a batpic