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Group for the FANS
This is the official +44 Group on Buzznet ... it goes down here!

To start this group off right have fun play around... post all your favorite +44 pictures, videos, news articles, etc...

FUSE - Music Saves Your Lifevid

FUSE - Music Saves Your Life

Music saves your life. Check your local listings for FUSE Network.
fusenetwork Sep 08, 2008
Travis Barker of 44 on Soulja Boyvid

Travis Barker of +44 on Soulja Boy

This video is bad ass! I love watching Travis rock the drums! Credit to YouTube

Travis Barker

Travis started playing the drums when he was 4 and stopped when he was 7 and then started again when he was 17.Got his first drum…
Honda Civic Tourvid

Honda Civic Tour

+44 on 6/2/07. far away, yes, but fun nonetheless.
kaitrich Aug 10, 2007
44 at the Honda Civic Tourpic


i dont exactly know what song this was. but yea... they played it. it sounded good. really good.
tuesbelle May 26, 2007
44 with Victoria from Cobra Starship playing Smile.pic


yes i love sunsets soo much
maconloreal2 Mar 24, 2007
Cute Mark :opic


Hay does anyone have you album (stupid question) cause im getting it and i was wondering whether it was really good cause i love there…