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Glitter Hair Is Everything For The Holidays

One of best things about the holidays is the excuse to wear more glitter than usual. From nails, to outfits, make up, and your boyfriend’s beard, it’s a fun, flirty, and funky way to kick up the cool factor of your holiday style. With Christmas around the corner and New Years Eve on the horizon, it’s kind… More »

10 Gift Ideas When You’re Broke AF

Money is kind of the worst, eh? Most of the time you’re in a cycle of worrying about it, trying to earn it, or trying to save it. Cue all the UGHs. Around the holiday season, the money woes can multiple as you try to come up with gift ideas for all your loved ones…. More »

Hot Or Not: Selena Gomez’s Pajama Outfit With Heels

Selena Gomez has had a tough year, and on the cusp of 2017, she’s begun to reemerge from her self imposed break from the spotlight. We’re incredibly happy to see she’s getting back on her feet, and any public sighting is a welcome one. So when she stepped out in Santa Monica, CA on Dec…. More »

Holiday Up Do’s You Can Slay This Holiday Season

The holiday party season is kicking off this weekend and one of the most important things to polish your perfect party look is a killer hair do. Long and loose is always pretty, but for some events, you might get the itch to sweep it up in a pretty up do to turn heads and… More »

Get In The Holiday Spirit: 40 Christmas Nail Design Ideas

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Everyone is cheery and everywhere you’ll find yourself surrounded by wonderful decorations. Here at Buzznet we love spreading holiday joy all around and even matching our nails to the occasion…obviously! There are so many fun nail art designs you can do at Christmas time, so it can… More »

Who Wore It Better: Paris Hilton Vs. Kendall Jenner In A Silver Sparkle Mini Dress

Back in November, Kendall Jenner had a glitzy birthday party to ring in her milestone 21st birthday. Of course this meant she had to have an equally glitzy dress to turn heads, and thanks to a little fashion inspo from Paris Hilton did just that. Arriving in a slinky low cut silver sparkle mini dress, Kendall had… More »

TBT Style Icon: Brigitte Bardot

French beauty Brigitte Bardot was a dancer, singer, actress, model, and pretty much defined the bodacious beauty of the ’60s. She had curves, confidence, and the kind of sex appeal that was so….womanly! It also doesn’t hurt that her hair is what #hairgoals is made of. Click into the gallery above and get inspired by the definition… More »

We’re Obsessed With These Holiday Themed Beards!

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, there are plenty places to trim with baubles, bows, lights, glitter and everything in between. We all wear lots of green, red, silver, gold and blue. Ugly Christmas sweaters are everywhere, and it’s hard not to have a candy cane in hand. However, some guys have taken their holiday spirit… More »

Dip-Dye Delight: 100 Photos Of Stunning Hair!

It feels like it’s been a minute since we visited our long standing favorite way to play with your hair color: DIP DYE! It’s such a fun and easy way to add a boost of ultra cool to your look without committing to a whole head of crazy colored hair. You can make it super… More »

Ink Inspiration: Great Name Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos are such a personal thing because each piece of ink carries some kind of significance for the individual rocking it on their bod. However, when it comes to inking someone’s name on your body, the stakes are high to have it look good with excellent placement, and be something you’ll never regret. So before you go under… More »

The 13 Emotional Stages Of Cyber Monday Shopping

Today various members of the Buzznet staff are anxiously awaiting packages from Zara. We ordered during a super sale and the anticipation to receive our pieces has hit an all time high. I think we…

45 Symbol Tattoos We Love

It’s no secret we’re big fans of tattoos and using ink as an outlet for self expression. We’ve seen some insanely impressive eye-popping pieces, but sometimes a simple symbol can make just as big an impact. We found these ultra cool and cute small symbol tattoos to get you inspired for your next trip to the… More »

Nail Art Mania! 200 Designs To Make You Drool

Getting your nails done can actually be kind of stressful if you go in not knowing what you want. Picking the wrong color, design, accent nail, and/or nail shape can be a serious vibe killer. So to save you the agony and tears of a mani gone wrong, click into the gallery above for 200… More »

Gratuitous Pics Of Scruffy Stars In Honor Of No Shave November

November is the month when men everywhere stop shaving to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  We fully support this cause, not only because it shines the spotlight on this serious form of cancer, but we get to see a ton of hot Hollywood faces get full with scruff that’s oh-so cute and sexy! So in honor of… More »

10 Signs You’re Kylie Jenner’s Secret Style Twin

Love or hate her, there’s no denying Kylie Jenner has some serious style. No matter what the 17-year-old reality star wears, she looks flawless, makes headlines, and keeps us on our toes of what she’s…

Hair-Raising Colors: A Rainbow Of Mohawk Styles

When the end of the year is near, you might start feeling inspired to make a big change to your mane for some extra holiday pizzaz, or a fresh new look to debut in January. You could do something fun like rainbow roots or go back to your signature natural color, but for those of us looking… More »

Hair Obsession: Rainbow Roots

It’s no secret we love all kinds of creative, cool, edgy, fun and innovative ways to use bold, bright and beautiful hair dyes, but for some, achieving a head turning hair color can wreak havoc on your strands and make it look like a messy fucked up cotton ball from the damage. Now it’s possible… More »

Heart Shaped Hairstyles To Help Spread The Love

There’s a lot of mixed feelings swirling around the country in light of the Presidential election results. The important thing to remember is love always wins, and regardless of the #dark outlook many have, you can spread the positive vibes with something as simple as your hair do. Check out these amazing heart shaped hairstyles…. More »

Game Changing Hair Bow Inspiration

Here at Buzznet we love cute girly things just as much as anything grungy and edgy. It’s fun to mix and match the two that kicks up the cool factor of your everyday style Recently we’ve been kind of obsessed with the idea of bringing back bows as an amazing accessory that hasn’t seen popularity for a… More »

9 Lifestyle Bloggers That Make Us Question Everything

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and the world wide web in general are just overflowing with bloggers! Seriously, anyone can get their blog on, but there are always a few choice pros that crush it. I’m talking about the fashion bloggers, travel writers, and lifestyle gurus that inspire you, but mostly make you question your life. Like,… More »

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