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Summer Camp Vibes: Dirtybird Campout Re-cap

Recently I joined over 6,000 campers to the sold-out, second annual Dirtybird Campout.  This is definitely one of my favorite festivals of the season. The event is 3 days of house & techno beats, campfire stories, and over 50 fun activities at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA.  It’s basically the perfect merge of a… More »

People Who Look Like Muppets

Furry, wide eyed or blue, looking like a Muppet can be a great thing! You know how some people look like their dogs? These people closely resemble their Muppet counterparts – some in looks and some in spirit. In honor of this being the month to look like anything but yourself, take a look at… More »

Amazing Halloween Treats That Put Trick-Or-Treating To Shame

Halloween rules for people of every age, but once you hit a certian threshhold, trick-or-treating isn’t something you want to be caught doing. However, just because you can’t knock on a stranger’s door and threaten them in order to get free candy doesn’t mean you have to be left out of earning your own cavities…. More »

Teeny Tiny Puppies To Steal Your Heart

Happy Friday! They may not be fashion or music centric, but puppies are an undeniable favorite here at Buzznet. These so-cute-you-want-to-kick-them photos of little furballs are so extremely tiny and offensively cute, you can’t help but  oooh and AWWWW over them to help make your day just a little brighter. Enjoy! xo

In Defense Of Man Buns

I’m sorry I’m not sorry for absolutely LOVING the man bun. Years ago when I was only interested in dating a short haired bleach blond surfer, a man bun was repulsive and weird. Fast forward to present day, and all I find myself staring at is guys with man buns. I can do with or… More »

31 Incredible Map Tattoos

Tattoos are a super personal way to show off your inner passions for all the things that make your world go round, and if you’re an avid globe trotter, or just dream of hopping on a plane and never settling down, what better way to show off your obsession with exploring the world than with a… More »

The 17 Most Lovable Onscreen Idiots

There are many levels of intelligence walking the face of the earth, and they’ve all be portrayed on TV and the silver screen. Sure, super smarts are beyond impressive and can leave us all feeling like we should be wearing a dunce cap, but the truly dimwitted souls are the most memorable, lovable, and give… More »

10 Famous Fairies We Wish Would Sprinkle Fairy Dust On All Of Us

Fairies exist – and don’t say otherwise! “Every time someone says that, a fairy somewhere falls down dead.” Where would we be without fairies? When you were younger, chances are you were taught about the tooth fairy. And watching movies growing up, especially Disney ones, fairies infiltrated your films. In honor of the wonderful pixies on… More »

22 Shades To Inspire Your Fall Hair Color

Fall is slowly but surely making its way back into our lives and if you’re into coloring your hair, it might be time to start thinking about making a dramatic change for Autumn. From reds, to deep purples, blues, and golden orange hues, there’s no reason your mane should reflect the color of seasons past…. More »

10 Stunning Celebs Who Have Been Unjustly Fat Shamed

Breaking into the entertainment or fashion world can be scary. There are ridiculous expectations set upon those who want to make a life in the spotlight and having a certain number when you step on the scale is crucial. It’s beyond stupid when you hear about gorgeous actresses and models being told to lose weight… More »

50 Ways To Rock Fall Flannel

I have to admit I’m pretty excited for Fall. Sure, the bitter cold winter months will soon be following, but Fall is a time for cooler temps and FLANNEL! Flannel rules for multiple reasons, but the overriding benefit of owning one (or five) is the versatility they have. Worn with shorts, denim, dresses, or skirts,… More »

30 Jeans And Jackets To Inspire Your Fall Moto Style

Ok so Fall is basically ready to start banging on our door, which means it’s time to start thinking about pulling out your cool weather clothes and take inventory of what needs to purchased to round out a sweet season changing wardrobe. While I generally rock a lot of black, denim and leggings, I realized I… More »

WIN This Awesomely RAD Wildfox Sweater!

Hey Buzznet! Want to win some rad new Wildfox gear to help kick off the summer season? Well, you’re in luck because our newest Buzzmaker, fashion and lifestyle blogger, Erin Elizabeth, has teamed up with the vintage-inspired brand to give away their totally cute and cozy, Awesomely Rad Becca Sweater! Pairing it with denim cutoffs… More »

Zedd and Thank You X Use Fame To Help Fight Childhood Cancer

If you didn’t know who Zedd was from his EDM fame, he was definitely on your radar when he briefly dated Selena Gomez. While the two are no longer, Zedd’s career…

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Thanks To Fat Shamers, Selena Gomez Is In Therapy

You guys, this is so messsed up. Word just hit the internet that Selena Gomez has been working with a therapist because of the toll fat shaming has taken on her. 


Lily-Rose Depp’s New Fame Is Already Getting Shade

Sup Tuesday…we’re past the Monday blues so let’s see what’s shakin’ on the world wide web!

Kylie Jenner just bought herself a $320,000 car, but now fans are scared she’s going to crash her car and…

Justin Bieber Just Threw LOL Shade At One Direction

Happy Hump Day! Yesss! We’ve hit the halfway mark to the weekend so let’s see what’s buzzing on the

Katy Perry had a very comedic interaction with a fan at the Rockin’ Rio festival in…

Sooo Apparently Kylie Jenner Might Be Engaged To Tyga

TGIF! This week flew by and now it’s time to kick back and CHILLAX for two days!! Woo hoo…let’s see what’s buzzing online to take us into the first weekend of Fall!

Congrats to Leighton Meester

WIN: Emo Night LA + OBEY Collab Prize Pack!

Hey Buzznet! Now that it’s Fall you’re probably thinking about warmer clothes and getting all kinds of bundled up for the cooler temps coming your way. Well, to make things a…

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