Say Hello To Miley Cyrus’ New Puppy Moonie

We all saw how heartbroken Miley Cyrus was on the tragic passing of her dog Floyd. I think a lot of us shared and felt her pain after seeing her break down during her…

The Best Dressed Celebs From The 2012 Billboard Awards

This Sunday, May 19th is the Billboard Music Awards in vegas. It is my FAVORITE music awards because all the biggest stars come, and Billboard really cares about music. I cannot believe it was only two years ago that I was dancing with Beyonce up on that stage! Crazy! This year I expect a lot… More »

Get Inspired Photo Diary

I am in an extra good mood today, it may be because I finally caught up on sleep or maybe because I had Starbucks this morning! Either way, not bummed about it. This gallery has lots of flowers, pretty scenes and even some cute babes. Basically just a bunch of photos that I hope will… More »

Sibling Day!

It’s SIBLING DAY so I thought i’d upload some photos of me and all of mine!

Buzznet Breakdown March 24

Here we go again! We have gathered our top 10 posts of the week. All of our faves from fashion to music and more. It is so fun to look back through the entire week…

PETA Gives Miley Cyrus A Pig For Her 20th Birthday!

Miley Cyrus turned 20 on November 24th. The former Disney star celebrated with close friends at her Studio City, CA home. So what do you get a girl that has everything?…

Hot Or Not? Miley Cyrus Rocks Black Lace Bra And Sheer Blouse!

Miley Cyrus’ is having what I would consider the best year of her life! “Never felt more me in my whole life ” she said when she first cut her hair.…

Why Was Miley Cyrus Rushed To The ER Last Night?

Miley Cyrus‘ weight has been a constant issue in the media as of late: from Twitter haters commenting that the 18-year-old starlet is too fat to the…

Miley Cyrus Hunger Games Premiere Hair

Hey Beauties! Yesterday, Keltie tweeted at me asking me to do a hair tutorial on the Miley Cyrus hair at the Hunger Games Premiere. If you didn’t know I wear clip in extensions and I figured this was the perfect time to do a hair tutorial for people with short hair. I love this look… More »

Miley Cyrus Pranks Khloe Kardashian in a Cringe-Worthy Video!

Miley Cyrus is quite the little prankster, as we can see from the tweet she sent to Demi Lovato on how to deal with long interviews. But…

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