Man Builds A Massive Shipping Container Dream Home After No Designer Would Help

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” That’s exactly what Houston, Texas-based designer Will Breaux was thinking when he was contacting designers to build the home of his dreams. The designs they came up with were in your classic townhouse mold, and Breaux wanted more. So he built it.

Over the course of two years, Breaux built the home of his dreams from the ground up in an empty suburban lot using 11 shipping containers and his own two hands. The “McGowen House,” so named because it sits on McGowen street in Houston, is one of the biggest and best of this new emerging style of homes and we’re floored by it.

It Took 11 Shipping Containers

exterior of shipping container home
Photo Credit: Will Breaux /
Photo Credit: Will Breaux /

To really bring to life the dream home he was seeing in his mind took 11 shipping containers. Even though it’s an atypical material, it’s one that Breaux says makes sense to use for home building, since “shipping containers are strong, fireproof, long-lasting, hurricane-resistant… and are designed to be transported, stacked, and locked down.”

Most shipping container homes we see and hear about are only comprised of about one-three containers and often stick to the designs of stacking on top of each other or being laid out side by side.